Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Love Letter to FPL

I love Florida Power and Light. I want to daydream about it all day as I'm supposed to be working on other things. I want to send it dirty text messages and then, in a wig and sunglasses, meet it in a motel room on the other side of the highway. I want to wear lingerie for FPL and if it was into role playing I might be willing to try that out although I never have. I want to cook FPL dinner in a little french maid's outfit and watch it eat. I'd like to kiss Florida Power and Light slowly and make it homemade valentines. I would buy it new shoes. I might even be tempted to call it too many times a day or drive by its house when we weren't together. That's how much I love my electric company.

What could inspire this sudden and deep devotion to utilities, you may wonder.

Last night the storm really started to pick up and Husband and I were lying in bed watching the Olympics and I was so cross at the Chinese over the whole women's gymnastics disaster and I was even crosser at the unfair, supposedly unbiased non-Chinese judges. God I hope they prove some of those girls are children and shame the cheating, lying Chinese government, but they won't. I know Cheng Fei is old enough but she landed on her knees after her vault!!! How is it possible that she received a medal for that and Alicia Sacramone didn't? Can someone tell me? I've been furious about it for two days now.

So there I was ranting about gymnastics, watching the tie breaker between China and the US on the uneven bars, knowing the dreaded outcome because I had read it earlier in the New York Times when the storm really started getting a little wilder than I had thought it would. The wind was really blowing and it was pouring rain. I had finally calmed down from an earlier incident involving a mysterious stranger at the front door, which I'll post about post-coffee. I started seeing the turquoise arcs of transformers exploding in the distance and a sense of dread came over me. In a few minutes we heard a loud explosion, saw a flash and then our power went out too. I was livid, but there was nothing we could do so Husband called FPL to tell them about it and we braced ourselves for a few days with no electricity here and moving the food from the freezer over to our apartment which is currently vacant but more likely to have electricity. It was just going to be a big, irritating hassle. So I went to bed.

A couple hours later I had to pee so I got up and when I crawled back in bed all the lights went back on! I have never been so happy. I went and looked out the window and there, across the street, was a giant FPL truck fixing the transformer on our powerline and they were doing it in the wind and rain.

FPL I love you for coming so quickly in such bad weather to save all those containers of soups and chili and all those vacuum sealed packages of chicken, shrimp, pork chops and steaks. FPL you even saved the homemade ice cream we made Sunday night and several packs of edamame along with some gross looking bananas I froze several months ago for future smoothies. FPL you are the best. Because of you I will have healthy, delicious lunches at school until October.


Anonymous said...

Writing on behalf of a bunch of FPL people working at our storm command center...THANK YOU for you kind comments. You energize us! (Pun intended.) Peace.

Wide Lawns said...

You are so welcome. Please show this post to your coworkers so they all know someone is thankful for your hard work.

Robin in Ohio said...

Several summers ago, we had a huge storm in Ohio that knocked our electricity out for three days! (And, yes, I live in a suburb of our capital city...not in some remote out-of-the-way place.) We knew the crews were working as fast as they could to bring back power to our part of Ohio, but still we waited. :-( Finally, on the third day, we saw power trucks from VIRGINIA come into our neighborhood! We were so happy to see them that families poured out of homes, stood on the sidewalks and clapped and cheered for the power crews! The crew guys were tired and pretty grizzled looking, but you should have seen them perk up when they heard the cheers! They looked sheepish, but pleased as they waved to the people. And, best of all...they had our electricity back on within an hour or two!!

Well, the only good thing I can say about going without power for three days was that it forced me to clean out my deep freeze in the basement and my refrigerator/freezer upstairs. No more "how old is this ?" I have to look at the bright side or I would have been angry at losing so much. At least I hadn't prepared 2 months worth of food beforehand! Here's to hoping your power continues to stay on and hurrah for Florida Power and Light!

JDogg said...

That's good that the power came back for you so quickly.

Been following the storm closely here from NY.

Sauntering Soul said...

Glad y'all are surviving the storm!

A few years ago the remnants of a hurricane came through Atlanta and my power was out for three days. I live in the second house from the main road I live off of. The house right next door to me is apparently on the power grid of the main road. Along with the rest of my neighbors on the street, I sat in my house with ruined food, no air conditioning, etc. I could see in the windows next door and they were watching television, I could hear their air conditioners running, etc. for three days. So frustrating.

catherine in london said...

Usually everything in a packed full freezer is good for a couple of days as long as no morons keep opening it every 5 seconds to see if everythings still frozen.

robin in ohio... ya, I remember that blackout, some tree fell on a power line in ohio and knocked out the power in most of ontario. next time just send us cookies, we like cookies ;)

Fancy Schmancy said...

I love nothing more than hearing about love and lust of an inanimate corporation. Seriously, though, those guys deserve a every lusty thought they receive working in unbelievable conditions. Maybe even an offer of a home-made cookie or cool drink. My parents are on the west coast, south of Tampa. My thoughts are with you all.

bluelikethesky said...

I'm glad you're fine.

We're getting cool temps and rain thanks to the storms (75 at noon on August 19th in TEXAS? Unheard of), but I'd give it up in a heartbeat to spare destruction for my coastal buddies.

Redhead With Glasses said...

When Minnesota got hit with nasty ice storms in the '70s and '80s, my dad would head up from Iowa to work -- he worked for the phone company. Every day was long and busy. One night, as they finished restoring phone service to a house or neighborhood, he and his coworker were heading back to the hotel when an old lady flagged them down with cans of beer in her hands. They stopped and went to her house and gave her phone service. They took the beers and sandwiches she made for them.

Dad said those are the times that beer tastes the best.

Chrissy said...

Just a suggestion, living in Florida where hurricanes often visit, maybe you should think about purchasing a generator? We have one. They are not that expensive (outside of hurricane season anyway). You just need to remember to buy some gasoline before the storm arrives so you can have power.

Anonymous said...

First - Wide Lawns you are hilarious. I want to do some dirty stuff to you, you're so funny and I'm not even that way.
Second - Robin in Ohio, if you live in a suburb of Columbus, you do live in a remote, out-of-the-way place. Southern Ohio is the sticks. Someone may have forgotten to tell you.
Third - it's heartening to see someone being nice to a public utility. They're not exactly Brad Pitt, you know.

Chiada said...

So I know I must be crazy, but Hub-E and I and the dogs are moving from California to Florida in January. We are going to the Cocoa/Port St. John/Cape Canaveral area. Any pointers, advice, words of wisdom you could share? Except don't say "don't move".

Anonymous said...

Lawns, you cheered many of us on immeasurably as we sweated out the storm restoration. Believe it or not, we actually do care and work our asses off to help get the lights back on. Foolish Fay aside, you truly have a gift for the language, and I have your blog bookmarked. Looking forward to your future postings. Thanks again for the hilarious words of encouragement. BTW, a message to all you folks who are thinking of moving to Florida from elsewhere--take it from somewhere who has lived in multiple northeastern and mid-Atlantic states: it's wonderful down here. -FPL-er

Wide Lawns said...

Chiada that is a lovely area and not nearly as wild as down here except for the fact that you will be Aunt Kiki's neighbor practically. You'll have to get yearly resident passes at Disney now and learn to surf because that area is the surfing capital of Florida. I'll ask Fallon for restaurant recommendations in that area next time I talk to her. I think you'll love it and be very happy up there. Good luck with your move!

floridagirl said...

I second the motion for the love letter to FPL- since I do live in the Cocoa/ Cocoa Beach/ area, we were expecting the power to go out just like we expect to brush our teeth daily. To our surprise, it only flickered a few times! For the reader who is moving here, I'd be happy to give you some pointers as I've lived here most of my adult life.
email: tilemanfam@earthlink.net

Serenity said...

The only place I've lived that had faster service than FPL was Houston. Nonetheless, I've lived here longer than I did in Houston and the power has gone out more times than it did in Houston and each and every time I'm amazed at how FAST FPL gets shit back on.

They work hard. They bust their asses and I, too, love and adore them and hope to date them one day.

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