Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This picture was taken July 5th, the day before I left. We went to the beach (this was when Bella and her friend were visiting and Fallon was also down) and another dream of mine came true. I've always wanted to see a tornado, except I've always felt guilty about wanting to see a tornado, so I would always add in the small print to my wish to see a tornado that it had to be far way and that it had to not cause any damage, because I wouldn't want to kill anyone or destroy anyone's property with my frivolous desires to see wild weather. Lo and behold here comes a water spout. If you don't know what that is, it's just a tornado that happens over water, so that then instead of sucking up dust and debris, it sucks up water. It's pretty cool, I have to tell you. Of course since I've never seen one I about lost my shit when this thing came twisting down out of the sky like an eel caught on a hook. I was very excited. I took about a hundred pictures and screamed and yelled about it and no one else was interested in it at all. Maybe I should be a storm chaser. Oh, and how beautiful is our sea water here?


Chiada said...

Yes, your sea water is very beautiful there. The clearest water I've ever seen was near Coconut Grove at Jimbo's Place on Virginia Key. Being from California, our ocean water is grey and dark blue. Not turquoise and clear. We're hoping to get out that way next summer for our 10 year anniversary. Woohoo!

Reb said...

Oh, those ships out there may have been a bit on the excited side. Just not in the manner you were.

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