Saturday, July 05, 2008


Someone challenged the authenticity of my patriotic truck photo, saying the picture wasn't mine and that it's been around for a year and that I make things up. That annoyed me. So I offer you proof. This is the first picture I took before the truck started backing out. I took this from my car as I was looking for a parking space at Publix. This is actually the first picture. I was farther back than the other one. This one came out blurry but you can see it is part of a sequence and that this one is an original, not resized and still with the digital camera's file name. How much more proof do you need? My God. I don't need to make stuff up living here and this truck, as I said, has been around a while so naturally someone else is certain to have photographed it besides me. I took the pictures. Now apologize.


Mattie said...


Someone thinks you made sh** up?

I apologize for their rudeness in even mentioning something like that to you.


Reb said...

Good for you for slamming anony-mouse! It is probably the same person who slammed me on my blog, without actually reading the post, (s)he was on for 0.00 seconds according to sitemeter.

Beverly said...

meh - don't let people like that get to you. those are the same type of ppl who make inflammatory posts on ppl's sites about anything regardless of their true feelings on the subject.

they're flamers who love to get a rise out of people by proving they're smarter, faster, younger/older, wiser, been there and done that more often, and lived through more than you. there's absolutely no reasoning with people who feel the need to one-up or correct (especially when they're the ones that are wrong) people on their own blogs.

f*** em. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw Geez...I saw a similar truck in Cocoa, Florida, 25 years ago; it's not like anyone has a monopoly or originality on sticking flags on a pickup truck. I have a pic somewhere or other, and I didn't make it up. (G)

The notion that you made it up is flat-out asinine. Ridiculous. The envious ravings of a mole who never leaves his darkened room.

Ignore the a**holes!


Anonymous said...

Even if you had made it up, who would take the time to write such a comment. This person is in need of a life, big time. Don't waste your time anymore on negative crap. We're lucky enough that you share your experiences as often as you do. Tell the anonymous commenter to fuck off.

Last Minute Lyn said...

I believe you...I've seen the truck 'round here myself.

kaylee said...


Scotty said...

Boo to rude people.

Serenity said...

Uh...yah. I live in the Miami area and I have seen that truck as well so to anonymoose who thinks it's made up, eat it.

Joy said...

oh for goodness sakes. some people have NO lives, huh. Amazing how the anonymity of a computer brings out the a-holes in force.

Missicat said...

Unbelievable....some folks are in desperate need of a life.
Hope you had a great 4th!

Cindy A. in IA said...

Welcome to Iowa! You'll find there are lots of nifty places to eat in I.C. too - I'm fond of Devotay - they have bacon-wrapped dates with pimenton BBQ sauce that are to die for! lots of tapas, sandwiches, salads, and some fun main courses like...well, here's a link.
Great wine list too. I make special trips from Cedar Rapids just to go there. Hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have other Iowa questions, let me know!

Boomer said...

We used to have a truck like that here in Santa Cruz -- only besides two big flags, he towed a trailer with a large,professionally-made sign urging everyone to resist the New World Order.

I got a look inside the cab once, and the guy behind the wheel was muscular, bare-chested, and drinking a beer.

No, you don't have to make stuff like this up. The best stuff is always true.

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