Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Part 3 Coco-Explosion

Do you have any idea how much being right in this circumstance made me happy? Can you even comprehend my joy when the next day after Husband removed forty coconuts from the tree, forty more coconuts really did fall out of the tree? See, people always make fun of me for worrying about nonsense that could never really happen. Well, it did happen. We were having breakfast when we heard a startling cacaphony. It almost sounded like thunder, but that's so cliche. It sounded like a deadly construction accident. It sounded like a car fell out of the sky and into a backyard. We ran outside and this is what we found. Coconuts were everywhere. It looked like a coco-explosion.

Coconuts were all over the place. You wouldn't believe how far they rolled. They fell into a flower bed and crushed all of my California Poppy seedlings and threw dirt all over the place.

This should offer you more perspective of how far they traveled. They were all on the other side of the tree and not visible in the picture too. This left us with even more coconuts on our hands and still no way to open them. But I was right. Coconuts really do fall out of trees. Can you imagine the injuries someone would have had if they had been standing anywhere near the coco-explosion? Worse yet they could have been killed. I am right. Ha. Coconuts really do fall out of trees.


chasmyn said...

I found a video. How to open a coconut with a machete (surely there is one at Casa Del Sogni?):

Nancy in CT said...

Are you sure husband didn't just loosen them when he was up there? Sorry, couldn't resist. This may help with opening them!

NeekoalinAZ said...

Ah sweet justice! You have been vindicated! Make yourself a coconut crown and wear it around the house today. You are the Queen of the Coconut!

(At least that will help you use one more coconut) Hmmm, that might be a good idea for husband to use them for. He could sell coconut tiaras and crowns on the beachfront!

Anonymous said...

found this on youtube. might be the same video Chasmyn sent.

Caroline said...

Oh....oops. I take back my last comment. Shouuld have factored in probabilities of being bonked on the head by a tree filled with 100 coconuts in one's own backyard.

Caroline said...

Oh...I really need to think a little more before I comment - I didn't mean be bonked by a tree filled with coconuts...I meant be bonked by a slew of coconuts falling out of the tree.

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