Saturday, May 31, 2008

Only in South Florida

This morning a rushing, pattering combination of sounds got me out of bed. When I looked out the window I saw that on the right half of the backyard it was pouring rain and cloudy while the left half of the backyard was dry and perfectly sunny. How is this even possible? Damned tropical weather.


Cnut said...

I've seen it in Oxfordshire, and you probably have bathrooms the size of our garden ;)

Hilary said...

That WOULD be a very wide lawn..

Scurvy the Pirate said...

When i went to Key West a couple of years ago the rain was like that - it just stopped suddenly in a line across the middle of the road :P

BoB said...

Remember your multivariate calculus, clouds are 3d objects and the ground is (mostly) 2d. The rain projects the shape of the cloud on the ground and you are seeing the boundary.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. You don't need the calculus, just think of the rain as the shadow of the cloud.

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