Friday, May 23, 2008

My Pot Garden

Husband and I started a pot garden a few weeks ago and I kept going around explaining to people how excited I was that we were growing a pot garden. I got some strange reactions. I think perhaps calling this a "pot garden" may not be the best use of my language skills here, especially not when describing the pot garden with great enthusiasm to the cop who lives down the street. So it's not a pot garden and I am definitely not growing pot. I am growing IN pots, which actually makes this a container garden, but container garden sounds so Martha Stewart-y, doesn't it?
The container garden began quite innocently and unexpectedly. We wanted to grow some catnip for Canela (and oh my God this is my last cat related post for a while I swear) and we bought a plant and kept it in the house but Canela wouldn't stay out of it. She was like one of those opium addicts who would sell their entire families into slavery for just one more fix. I guarantee you if someone came and offered Canela her own catnip field in exchange for me and Husband that she wouldn't even give it a moment's consideration. We'd be gone.
So we tried to put it up high or in a cabinet or something just to get her leave it alone, but to no avail whatsoever. She would cry and howl and scratch at doors and climb up to whatever high place we tried to put it. I, being brilliant, decided to put it outside. This made her cry at the door to go outside, but eventually she forgot because her brain is the size of an almond and my ingenius plan worked.
The next morning I, the brillant genius mastermind went outside to look for the nip. The catnip was gone. I looked all over the yard. I eventually found a trail of potting soil and the pot the nip was in tipped over. Dirt was everywhere. The catnip plant itself was completely gone. I couldn't even find a a stem of it. It looked like some sort of catnip massacre had gone on in the middle of the night - or perhaps it would be more accurately described as a catnip orgy or a catnip binge or a catnip Widespread Panic concert. In any event I had neglected to remember that the neighborhood is full of cats. Some are stray and some are just outside cats, but all of them apparently love catnip as much as Canela and can smell the nip from miles away. I think cats from South Miami came up for some. I must have inadvertently bought the really good stuff or something and here I was just thinking I had regular old homegrown.
I learned my lesson and set out to buy another plant, but then Husband and I got excited and found a ton of empty pots around the house that my mom had neglected to plant anything in and pretty soon the pot, or CONTAINER garden was born. But catnip number two is in a pedestal that kitties can't knock over. Surprisingly none of them have jumped up into it yet either, but I'm anticipating that.


Fianna said...

I have to leave my Nip outside as well, and although my neighborhood is overrun by cats (a true life crazy old woman with 100 cats, dies - scenario), no one has got into the Nip yet.

I am waiting for the day when there are 50 cats on my fire escape fighting over it.

I hope it is more West Side Story and not so much Boyz n the Hood style fighting.

the Bag Lady said...

Have you considered that Canela's addiction might be the reason for her strange behaviour lately? Maybe she thought standing on your head was a good way to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Hilary said...

Baggie had my exact thoughts. I'm figuring residual catnip in your hair or something.

And I'm disappointed that your pot turned out to be just a container. ;)
Canela.. that's awfully close to Cannabis

Fae said...

My aunt is a crazy cat lady (enough about that!) anyway, she planted her catnip outside and it grew like a weed. The cats loved it and slept in it and really started getting along and fighting a lot less. Catnip is good.

Whiskeymarie said...

I've been looking everywhere here for a catnip plant with no luck.
My two little beasties would love it.

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