Thursday, May 08, 2008


The best part of my trip up North last week was that it was Spring. Normally, living in Florida I tend to mourn Fall and to pine for snowy nights, and during this trip I realized that I had forgotten about how beautiful Spring was too. Everywhere flowers bloomed. It smelled good. The mornings and sunsets were cool and crisp and the afternoons were warm, but not too warm. And the dogwoods were at their peak. I had forgotten all about the dogwoods. In Millpond it seems like every house has at least one dogwood tree and they even grow wild in the forests which edge the fields outside the city limits. The dogwoods made me sad in the way that things that are rare and temporary often do and I cursed having to go back home to Florida where there is no Spring and there are no dogwoods. I swore that next year I would find a job teaching in a temperate climate with all four seasons, but when I got home late Sunday night and got out of the car, home and tired, I smelled the Night Blooming Jasmine and I thought, it can be beautiful here too.


Anonymous said...

You should plant a dogwood. I lived in Gainesville Florida as a kid, and we had one in our yard. They truly are beautiful trees, and it grew quite well there. We also had a magnolia tree, and a mimosa tree. All quite beautiful, but the dogwood was my favorite.

NeekoalinAZ said...

I love night blooming jasmine...makes me almost miss California....Almost.

Glad you had fun visiting the family.

Laura said...

The dogwoods are beautiful up in Massachusetts this time of year, but they come with a price--we had a frost last week that killed most of my tulips!

T. said...

I live north of you in Central Florida. The jasmine's been blooming in my yard for a couple of weeks. It's heavenly.

I found your blog via Hobo Stripper, and have just (re)started a blog using Blogger. I've added you as a favorite. Your writing style is compulsively readable. Keep up the great stories.

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