Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yes Readers, we've made it to the main course. And this is it. Chicken from the soup (that means chicken boiled for 17 hours straight) and Flanken, which is pronounced "Flonken" and is not good. Not even a little bit good. It is, in fact, completely nauseating and no one except my grandparents likes it. Can you see why? But I eat it anyway and if you don't look at it, the chicken is at least tender (disintegratingly so) and it tastes like the soup, which isn't terrible, although it certainly isn't a pizza. I thought a lot about pizza during Passover. Also in case you have ever wondered about my mother - here you can see her hand modeling the boiled meat. She has lovely red nails doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

holy crap, this looks like a serving dish full of dead boiled frogs.


big [kosher] virtual hugs, sunny

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