Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Our Table Setting

I thought you might like to see our pretty table setting. In the middle we have a Seder plate with symbolic food items. This is the centerpiece. The book is called a Hagadah and it has all the words to the songs and prayers in the right order for the meal. This year mine was missing pages and I tried to use this as leverage to speed up the ceremony but had no such luck. Alas. You may also note that the table is covered in plastic. My grandmother has OCD and there are two reasons for the plastic, which I couldn't resist poking holes into. Her first reason is that someone may spill Fish Jello or wine on the table cloth. The other reason is that there could be the remote possibility that the tablecloth could have molecules of wheat or yeast dust on it from another, non-Passover meal. If this happened the Seder would be irreparably contaminated we would all have to go to Hell which would be Savta's fault and she could never live with herself if she doomed her family to eternal damnation at the hands of bread molecules.


Hilary said...

Snort.. the universal guilt trip. :)

Green said...

We use the same haggadah.

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