Saturday, April 19, 2008

For More on Passover...

I just discovered Green's Passover post, so for more on this holiday than old people and salty piss water, please pay her site a visit and check it out. It's detailed and funny and can I just say that I love Green and you all should be reading her.


booda baby said...

THAT oughta go on a magnet - a big one - for people like me to stick on their fridge. Every couple of years, I have to print out the Constitution and find a magnet with enough gusto to handle it.

It always starts sliding down to the crisper section.

But if the magnet WAS the document or had the Passover Simplified ... I think there'd be big bucks going around.


Nikki said...

having nothing to do with this post, or hardly any other, I found out last night what bomboclaat means. I mean, roughly. It's two words, and it's jamaican slang, which is something so dirty they couldn't actually tell me what it means out loud, because it's so distugusting that people in jamaica get arrested for saying it! I dont' know if this is in your archives or not. I'm just saying. !

Anonymous said...

i will say the shema for you. and after that, kaddish

Wide Lawns said...

Nikki, yeah its in the archives. My Jamaican friend named him that as a joke on us, but it stuck.

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