Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Before I Go Any Further - Violent Acres Charity Challenge!!

I can't write another thing in good conscience until I tell you all about Violent Acres' Birthday Charity Challenge! I'm really excited about this because she has the potential to raise way more money than I did last year and her charity of choice is an organization that helps abused children.

V and I are different in a lot of ways but one thing we have in common is that we know what it's like to be one of these kids and we know what it's like when the people who are supposed to take care of you (in this case my biological father and stepmother) treat you like shit. We have felt all the confusion, shame, guilt and anger and while some of you may not agree with a lot of what we say (in my opinion this is rooted simply in poor reading comprehension 90% of the time) V and I both feel very strongly about helping out abused children and doing whatever we can to prevent abuse from happening in the first place.

Please go to V's Charity Challenge and donate, even if it's just a little bit. She says if she raises over $10,000 she will post a picture of herself. I know there are a lot of people who are curious about what she looks like, but to me that's really beside the point. It's about helping out kids who need it.


misha said...

i read your archives long ago and am now going through V's. I can see how your childhoods were so similar. Its funny how different your writing styles are but you are both awesome. What will it take to get a picture of you? :)

Kandace said...

I can't shake this feeling that you and V are the same person.

I am probably way off base but it's just that my gut keeps telling me that. Hmmm. Either way I like you both and think the Charity Challenge is nothing short of AWESOME.

Wide Lawns said...

Kandace, I promise we aren't the same person. I swear. I don't even know her real name or where she lives. If you really look at our writing you can tell we're not the same person. Each person has a certain sort of signature in their writing - their tone, the way they use words, structure etc. and it's pretty hard to disguise. You can also tell men's and women's writings apart which I always thought was interesting.

Anyway, we aren't the same person and I like you too. Thank you for reading and commenting and for thinking our charity challenges are awesome.

Kibrika said...

I don't want her picture, but it's much simpler to donate via PayPal that she set up, so my money goes to count up to V's picture, that I don't want.

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