Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Brief Sea Lion Interlude

While I work on pressing issues please enjoy this photograph of sea lions in La Jolla that I took during my recent vacation.


azusmom said...

Yay! Sea lions! (I used to live in La Jolla.)

Sassy Pants said...

That is right next door to my work :-)

Aren't they cute!

Wide Lawns said...


MamaD4 said...

I too, lived in San Diego and La Jolla is absolutely gorgeous. We could barely afford a townhouse near the border, so it was fun to go up there and gawk.

Reb said...

Oh they are cute. I want to be somewhere warm!

Milesly Rose said...

See, now I have Feist's "Sea Lion Woman" stuck in my head. You should look it up! It's an excellent song, very danceable.

My parents took their honeymoon in California. One of my favorite pictures from their photo album is a sea lion poking its head out of the water straight into my mother's camera :)

Nikki said...

It's negative 33 degrees where I am right now.

There. Now you all probably feel better! :)

Wide Lawns said...

Yes! I love Feist. I have that cd. Well, I bought it on itunes and made a cd.

JoeInVegas said...

Oh, I get it, we are supposed to talk amongst ourselves here while you are off doing things? Yes?
Sea lions - when I was there they had taken over the children's pool, are they still in control of the beach now and people excluded?

Arlynnia said...

Hi all!

Ok, sea lions are not only cute, but seem to have strong personalities. But I have to say that the real amazing part of this pic is the landscape. You can see hundreds of years of geological change just in the surface. Looks like it was cast of lava, and that there is not only new growth, but the outcropping of natural "jetties" looks like previous "land" (or molten lava running into the sea) I don't know where this place is other than Cali, but I have to say, top notch. Looks beeeaooootiful.

Pat said...

While we are waiting patiently, would someone please direct me to the family flowchart?

I forget how the Orthodox Jews got involved with the convicted felons...but, why did your parents move to Californ-eye-ay?

What did i miss? :(


Anonymous said...

I live in San Diego and recently decided to move back to my hometown of Chicago. Going to see the harbor seals in La Jolla is one of my favorite things ever, so I took a little video. I think you can search seal tracks on you tube to find it.

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