Saturday, December 08, 2007

Paula's Beauty Parlor

While I'm still really busy I thought I'd just post some pictures instead to tide you over, sort of like an appetizer when you know you won't get dinner for a few more hours. This is Paula's, my absolute favorite example of Island architecture. So few places like this even exist anymore. I kinda always wanted to get my hair done here but I imagine I'd come out looking like one of the B-52s.


Emily said...

That's spectacular! Truely, it's like something out of a really good story.

Anonymous said...

Looking like one of the B-52's might be kinda cool for a bit. Unless it was the guy.

Anonymous said...

Getting your hair done like the B-52's would be such an adventure, wouldn't it? I'd love to read a story about THAT!

FirstNations said...


unless you meant one of the boy B-52's.

Miriam said...

I love that it's pink!

MP said...

Ooo I think that would be the place to get the gossip..bad coffee and my nails done~!

The Ex said...

That looks like most of West LA. Blah.

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