Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Fishing Pier Decorated

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately and I wanted to do a series of photos about Christmas in South Florida for you since it is a very unique celebration that you don't get to see elsewhere in the world. First in the series we have the fishing pier on The Island that I talk about all the time. They've got it all done up in fake poinsettias and lights with a small Santa tacked onto the door. Luckily the pier is already red and festive. I love the pier. This is just the entrance. If you go in that door there's a restaurant, more of a porch really where you can get breakfast with a sea breeze. Later in the day they'll make you a grilled cheese or a fish sandwich and they serve everything on paper plates. Continue past the restaurant and you pass through the bait shop where they have live tanks of crawly things that fish like as well as pictures of sharks people have caught from the pier that'll make you never want to swim in the ocean again. You have to pay a dollar to go out onto the actual pier but it's worth it because it stretches past where the waves break and you get a really pretty view back in on The Island or far out towards the horizon. The water is usually so clear that no matter how deep it is you can look down from the tall pilings and see the fish swimming beneath you. If you are really lucky you might see a sea turtle. Maybe in a few days I'll go out on the pier and take some more pictures for you.


EMF said...

Have you seen the Tomato man recently?

Green said...

You know what I always wanted to do but never did while I lived in Florida? I wanted to go to that Christmas lights show on --- is it Coral Springs Drive? Kind of loosely across from Butterfly World (which I also wanted to go to).

Not as tacky as the places you find, but still looked like fun.

Subservient No More said...

I haven't seen Tomato Man lately, sadly.

I've been to that Green!! At Tradewinds Park! It's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Please do. Take some pictures out on the pier, that is.

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