Thursday, December 20, 2007

Behave Yourselves and Look at Some Pictures While I Pack for Los Angeles

I just want you all to know for your information that this is a piece of artwork that I have created my own self. I know that's hard to believe, that I did this on my own, but I did. I started with a picture of the skinless horse, but it had a bunch of people and nonsense in the background so I began to color them out and then I got really artistic and added some color and then I just went completely overboard with my artisticness and added in 2 more statues standing on the horse's back. This is why I failed out of art school, because while I desperately wanted to be an artist (mostly so I could live a bohemian artist's life which I imagined was very glamorous when I was 18), I have no actual artistic talent.


SJ said...

Beg to differ. Slap a price tag on it and watch your talent grow.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

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