Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Have Decided to Edit

Last night I wrote this post because I witnessed some bad behavior on a blog and saw the exact same thing play out in real life. It really got on my nerves and I had a moment of ranting about it, but then I slept on it, and had a dramatic realization that the problem was much greater in scope than I had originally stated.

Therefore, I am going to rework my annoyed rant to broaden its focus and make it more specific.

I'll give you a clue. I realized that the culture we live in here in America, whether you're rich, poor, black, white, whatever, breeds people to hate themselves, especially, but not limited to, women. And this plague of self-hatred manifests itself in utterly dreadful behavior so that people spend their lives longing, clinging, fighting and causing all sorts of problems. A lot of the time they say it's because they aren't successful, but then when they become successful they still aren't happy. The self hatred causes people to seek out and stay in bad relationships. It makes them destroy their bodies. It causes them to fear being alone and to do anything to avoid having to feel any sort of emotion or unpleasantness at all. It makes people's egos so delicate that they practically have convulsions if even a total stranger thousands of miles away says something, even something slight, about them that isn't exactly what they wanted to hear.

So, I'm going to think about this some more and I think I will end up doing several posts about it over time, but not today.

Today is my dad's birthday and later this evening, when I return from school, I will write about him, as he flies over the open Atlantic, dozing in coach, dreaming of stinky cheese.

Today is also
Manola's birthday and Miss Kitty's Birthday, so go pay them a visit and wish them a wonderful upcoming year.


MP said...

I missed the unedited version...I'm loving that you are posting more! :-)

Have a super birthday tomorrow and I'll try to do the same.

I really LOVE that your dad hopped a plane to France. (the waiters in France intimidated me so much I hardly ate when I was there)

faded said...

You have spoken GREAT WISDOM.

American culture is so consumption oriented that we measure our value based on what we consume and own. We are urged to get more and consume more and then we will feel better for doing it. It is a cruel and pervasive lie.

If you want proof go and read the archives of Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. You will see people that are the cultural example of perfect but are actually profoundly unhappy and horribly self destructive.

Eric said...

Happy Birthday all and don't forget today is the first day of Iwanski Fest. So crack out the Deep dish Pizza and ribs

Lana Wood said...

I loved the unedited version and was coming over to link to it to show it to another blogger who is having a bad day. It was great. I love you raw and uncensored. OK, I love you all the time, but that was some good stuff, and you made a lot of salient points that were worth telling.

Amanda said...

I read the original post on Bloglines, so this may not make sense considering what's posted now, but I wanted to say it.

I've often thought the women who were really catty and always tearing other women down were so clueless. These are usually the same women who freak out if someone else does that to them. The problem is that they feel bad about themselves and want to feel good by proving they are better than someone who appears to have whatever they want (success, looks, love). It doesn't work because they and everyone else know they're being jerks, which makes them like themselves less and reduces the chance that someone will be willing to provide that external validation they crave.

Wouldn't it just be easier to start acting like the kind of person they like? Then they can like themselves. Other people will be more likely to like them, too, but who cares what other people say about you if you know you're a good person?

Leonesse said...

I didn't read the unedited version, but Internet Trolls really suck.

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