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The Scariest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me Ever

I figured it can still be scary week, although I drove past the mall this morning and all traces of Halloween had been obliterated because now apparently it is officially Christmas. They were already erecting gigantic red reindeer at the mall entrance. That in itself was scary so I decided that it could still be scary week although Halloween is over.

I was trying to think of the scariest thing that had ever happened to me, and it occurred to me that there are two different kinds of scary. Today I will deal with creepy, spooky, super-natural scary and tomorrow I will deal with the real life scary.

Real life scary encompasses brushes with death, disease and accidents. It's usually an experience that makes you face at least the possibility of a death you hadn't quite imagined for yourself. Real life scary experiences are things like getting hit by a drunk driver, having the house get robbed, being attacked, having a stalker, finding a lump, swallowing the largest legal dose of radiation allowed (I did this), and being in a plane that almost or does actually crash (more on this tomorrow).

Then we have the realm of the unexplained, the spooky, creepy, cold spot and ectoplasmy kind of scary. This kind of scary may or may not even exist, but many people still have terrifying things happen to them. Unfortunately I'm not one of these people.

I've always wanted a paranormal experience. Well, I say I have anyway. If one actually happened to me I'd probably pee my pants and collapse in a trembling heap. I'd like to see a UFO or a lake monster or something. I'm less inclined to want to see a ghost and a poltergeist would just piss me off because it would be throwing shit around and making too much mess and commotion. I'm all about seeing a Bigfoot or the last remaining dinosaur or something like that, but I've never seen a damned thing that's supernatural and all of the unusual things I've encountered can be explained by the fact that I live in South Florida. So I guess I've always been a little envious of people who've had brushes with the mysterious and unknown.

Back in high school I had a dear friend who was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in real life and I had a massive crush on her because she was all goth and artsy and took black and white photographs and wrote poems that talked a lot about pain and blood. At the time she was dating Marilyn Manson, who was not yet famous. He was very nice, by the way. Years after they had broken up I ran into him in the mall and he recognized me and was quite friendly, which I hadn't expected at all. So yeah, Marilyn Manson is a pretty nice guy (though I can not forgive him for divorcing the most beautiful woman on the entire planet in exchange for a teenager).

Anyway, I was very envious of my friend who had a ghost in her house. I wanted a ghost in my house too. I spent the night and nothing ever happened. Soon after that my friend was also abducted by aliens, at which point I had to be like, hold up a second. You can't both have a ghost AND be abducted by aliens. These are things that the odds of which are so unlikely that they happen to like one in seventy million people and the odds of them both happening to one person are astronomical. You can either have a ghost in your house or you can be abducted by aliens, but dammit, you can't have both. So she really lost a lot of credibility on that one, but we're still friends and she has neither a ghost in her current home nor have the aliens returned. She was, however, on 20/20 last year and is on her way to becoming a famous poet who might still write about blood and pain. I'm not sure. She has a blog. If you're really creative you can probably find it.

I'm also extremely jealous of my very own parents, who have seen a UFO. All the cool stuff happens to them and it always happens when I'm not around. Doesn't it just figure? They saw the UFO when I was about 5 years old. I lived with Mommom Jewel. They lived in Florida in a high-rise just a mile away from where they live now.

One night at 4am they were awakened by a deafening buzzing sound and looked out of their tenth floor window to see a massive, vibrating, glowing green ball. All of the electricity on the block was knocked out, street lights and all. The glowing ball hovered outside for some time and changed to red and then to orange. The whole time it spun around really fast and then all of a sudden it darted at a sharp angle straight into the intracoastal canal, where they could see it still glowing underwater until it went too far away for them to see it anymore. As soon as it went into the water the electricity came back on.

They swear they weren't doing drugs that night. I've interviewed them both separately and together and the story never changes. Anyone have any explanation? I don't. Ball lightning? Plasma? Who knows.

Perhaps someone can explain the spookiest thing that has ever happened to me, because I certainly can't.

The summer that I was 14 I stayed with Aunt Kiki (THIS summer). Towards the end of the summer my Dad went to Taiwan and my mom let me come back to our house to keep her company. We lived in New York, fairly out in the country, in a house which was set up high on a steep hill, surrounded by woods and overlooking a lake. It was a peaceful, quiet, leafy sort of place where nothing ever happened and it was a lovely place to grow up. I still miss it.

At night I would open my bedroom window and peer out into the forest, which literally emitted a bright green, flashing glow. The entire forest was phosphorescent because there were thousands of millions of fireflies to light it up every summer night. I've never seen anything like it since. We don't have fireflies here.

One night I felt deeply unsettled about something and I decided to go sleep in bed with my mother. A few hours later she poked me lightly and woke me up and the second my eyes opened I knew something was wrong. I felt it and when she saw that I was awake she gave me a little pinch, which I somehow knew meant DO NOT MOVE OR MAKE A SOUND. I pretended to sleep and so did she and it seemed like a long time went by. I opened my eyes very slightly and looked and then I saw what was wrong.

Three men were standing at the foot of the bed looking at us.

I think they were men. They were three, dark figures. They weren't tall. They didn't exactly resemble thugs of any sort who might have broken in to rob us. The alarms had not gone off, the dogs hadn't barked and the men weren't doing anything but looking at us. Silently. I couldn't see their faces or their clothes very well at all because I was trying to pretend I was asleep. It seemed to me that pretending I was asleep was very important and I really didn't want to see how the men looked in the light or what they might do if I stirred.

My heart beat. I broke out into a sweat. I tried to breathe calmly. I thought that was how I was going to die. I thought the men were there to kill us. Maybe the men were someone my parents had testified against or gotten into a bad deal with. In my life, those kinds of things were very real possibilities.

Still I tried to pretend like I was asleep. A while later (and I don't know how long because when you're scared everything seems like several hours) I heard the men's shoes padding across the carpet. I looked and watched all three men walk without a word into the bathroom in my parents' bedroom. Then they disappeared. Just like that, they were gone.

The bathroom was on the second floor and connected only to the bedroom so unless they flew out the window or went down the drain, there was no way out.

I didn't sleep for the rest of the night because knowing that there was no way out, I thought the men were staying in the bathroom. When the sun rose no one was there.

The house had not been broken into. There were no signs of entry, forced or otherwise, but the carpet at the foot of the bed was pressed down and there was a flattened path to the bathroom, which was very obvious because my mother had vacuumed the day before and had made patterns in the rug.

We didn't talk about it for a few hours because we were both terrified. We checked the whole house and found nothing and then we compared stories. We had seen the same thing. The men stood and stared at us and went out through the second floor master bathroom.

We slept together until my father came back and to this day we have never been able to explain what on earth happened and luckily it never happened again.

What do you think it was?


Unknown said...

Clearly ninja assassins with the wrong address.

This sort of thing doesn't happen anymore because of Google maps.

Kevin said...

I am a ninja assassin and I can testify that the fine people at Google have put together a stellar navigational product.

Sauntering Soul said...

I don't know what it was but holy crap your story scared me.

Anonymous said...

Something of the same sort happened to me when I was younger, and I did the same thing - stayed still, heart pounding, squinting to see who the guy was. I couldn't prove that the guy was really there later, so I thought I dreamed it up. Looking back, now I'm not so sure.

Might be worth scanning the police logs for around that time in that area for something similar in nature. Maybe the ninja assassins did have the wrong house, but got the right one later.....

Anonymous said...

Terrifying, that's what. Shee.

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

I'd find out where Mommom Jewel and Aunt Janey were that night...

staticwarp said...

what happened to your layout? its all jacked up now...

Wide Lawns said...

Oh no. Looks the same to me. I made the font a little bigger is all.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that scared me. I just started reading your blog recently because of a mention on violent acres' blog. Your tales are amazing.

Leonesse said...

I got nothing.

jennifer said...

um, its the next day...where is your story? just kidding.. Maybe you could try to do stories on all the things that have scared you because that one was really good. But I guess you have to write about something else once in a while. Please keep the scary stories going!

Laurie said...

Holy SH*T!

Awesome story.


Moi said...

Holy moly! I read that whilst sitting at work and very nearly crapped my pants. Eek!

MP said... can be a Stephanie King.. write more of those stories and I'll have to buy a laptop and read it w/ a flashlight under my quilt...

Who knows what it was..I wouldn't ask you might piss them off.

gulfsidebo said...

my grandparents saw a UFO off the Jersey coast like 40 years ago (God rest their souls) and described it exactly as your folks have to you except they said it was red, not green. Everything else was the same! There was an article written in the paper about it at the time, but it was hush hush and only in the local coastal paper.

I have had communication with a recently deceased family member that I cannot explain. It was very real and unexpected. I was responsible for some of this person's last breaths (CPR) so maybe there is a connection? I have also been visited by my grandfather shortly after he died and by a cat I buried. Both of these last two were in dreams, but I was awakened from these dreams. Why? The dog was going ape for no reason at 3:30 in the morning. She never did this at any other time...only these two times. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe I have some kind of power I don't know of.

My brother has a knack for predicting things a few days before they happen. Unfortunately, it's always something tragic and awful. It's never anything like lottery numbers.

gulfsidebo said...

btw, remember going to see Marilyn Manson when they were called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids? They had a light bright on stage at the Purple Grotto that said "ACID". I also remember very distinctively telling you, "These guys suck. They'll never get anywhere." Actually, they DID suck, but definitely improved. Much more a studio band than live at that time. One of the guys in the band went to high school with us.

gulfsidebo said...

Is it possible that what you and your mom saw were not of this world or this time? Could be extra terrestrials studying your sleeping habits or ghosts? It seems rather odd that they would do nothing or not converse with each other audibly. If they were E.T.'s, maybe they could communicate telepathically.

Anonymous said...

Something very similar happened to me and my husband before we were married. We were in a hotel room in the hills of Ohio. We were both awakened by a sound which we rationalized to be the ice shifting in the ice bucket. Suddenly the room turned cold, a vacuum swoosh of wind sucked out of the front door and it slammed shut. Only, the door hadn't been opened and it was still locked and had that funny little hook closed just like we had left it. We both had the same description of the event so we know it happened. Sometimes I think creative people just have mysterious things happen to them, like spirits or something seek us out for one reason or another.

Molly Mac n' Cheeze said...

well, it's very interesting to me the way in which you described the events. if the situation had been altered even a little bit i would not have taken the time to respond and it seems like you have not had any useful comments as of yet, so here is what i wanted to tell you. hopefully this helps you:

I have done an extensive amount of research in the field of paranormal activities and extraterrestrial encounters. What i have found is that there is an increasing pattern of individuals who have claimed to be visited by beings or have been in a similar situation as yourself and have described their experiences much like you have. They experience a sudden feeling of urgency to awaken from their sleep but an inability to move, as if being held down, which is different in your case because you knew that you should not move. 1.) do you remember being able to move if you had wanted to, aside from facial expressions?
next, once they awake they see dark figures at the foot of their beds that do not make any audible noice or conversations, but simply stare at the individuals for what seems like an extended period of time.

this is where stories start to vary... so bear with me.

in some cases people who claim they are abducted are levitated from their beds, still unable to move and are transported via levitation directly through the walls of their bedrooms to a ship of some sort outside.
the individuals that claim to be abducted are still in paralysis when they board the ship and are unable to speak or move but still have control of all other senses (sight, sound, touch, and smell). then they are proceeded to be examined and tested upon via extreemly painful methods and sometimes in inappropriate ways. etc

but since your account does not involve that i do not wish to scare you further with the details,

others who have not reported any abductions have simply experienced similar occurances as what you have described. After a period of time passes where they are started at/evaluated by these figures that always present themselves in groups af at least 2, mostly three, proceed to exit via a closed door, unopened window, or even directly though a wall with not physical effects done to the property. Their actions do not appear hostile, yet the victims are always terribly afraid of them. These individuals are never identified, but are presumed to be aliens, Extraterrestrial lifeforms. Additionally, the spacecraft your parents witnessed is also believed to be a UFO. the reason the power shut off was because of these crafts emmit radio frequencies which debunk electiricity, or more likely steal power from other sources. the crafts are fueled by water with a rotating sphere-shaped dense ball in the center of the craft, so when your parents saw the aircraft dart to a water source, they were were witnessing the craft refueling.

obviously, i cannot prove any of this information to you. this is only the patterns that my research into these topics has uncovered. and the information on the craft has come from the statements of Willaim Cooper. If you research him and watch his public speaches on youtube you will be able to find a plethora of information with MANY MANY facts and dates and names and concurrances on this topic. good luck.

again, im not a crazy nut or anything, im just a college student. im studying pre-med and biochemistry so you know im not insane or buy into anything that's nto scientific or factual, or get my information from unreliable sources either. but i got really interested in this area when i saw something very strange happen in the sky once. maybe ill write about it on my blog one day. most people just think i was on drugs. haha but i seriously wasn't.

i suggest your do your own research into these types of things. just warning ya, there is a lot of totally unreliable sources out there for information on this topic, so whenever you visit a site or speak with someone, take everything with a grain of salt, check references and backgrounds, and ALWAYS QUESTION WHAT YOU SEE, READ, HEAR IN THIS WORLD. people like to put things out there to get attention or create a stir. again, good luck with your endeavor if you decide to look into it further. =) happy hunting! lol

Anonymous said...

Google "Shadow People" and read the wikipedia definition.

Anonymous said...

I believe I know who was at the tip of your bed, Shadow People I have had many encounters with Shadow People in my life and they have chased, helped, and just stood there with me, one of them dropped money, which was very weird.

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