Friday, November 16, 2007

Not the Second Half of the Story

Last night after midnight my parents arrived unexpectedly back at Casa dei Sogni, with their puppy Holy Terror.

"Chanukah is early this year and we have to put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving."

I thought they'd be back Monday or Tuesday, but they wanted to get a head start on holiday preparations because we always have a massive onslaught of guests and we have a lot to do to get ready.

Thanksgiving is a big, weeklong event in my family. It reminds me of one of those gigantic festivals they have in India where no one does anything but cook and eat for a solid seven days. Two years ago we literally had over a hundred people and by the end of the night several people were passed out drunk and a gigantic conga line formed in the backyard when the next door neighbor called a friend of his who had a keyboard and a karaoke machine, to come over and provide live music for the entire neighborhood.

We probably won't top that this year. Every second week of November my mother says the same thing. I've heard it 75 times already since she got back last night.

"I'm not doing a big Thanksgiving this year. It's just gonna be small. Family only."

Small for us means 50 people and even if we didn't invite anyone, people would show up because after 15 years, everyone on the island knows that if you don't have family, if you're down on your luck this year and if you can't cook, you're always welcome at our house.

The good news is that Aunt Kiki confirmed this morning and she's coming with her entire crew, which should be interesting. Aunt Kyle is already bringing a date.

I can tell you now exactly what's going to happen too. Aunt Kiki'll want to bring a guest, then it'll become four guests and then my mother'll find someone with a sad story and invite them and they'll invite someone else that they know because they can't come alone, and before long we'll be up to a hundred people again. Tomorrow we're going to get the turkey and I'm going to get two extras just in case.

Needless to say I am all out of sorts again, trying to move back to my apartment and keep Holy Terror from swallowing Canela whole before I can get her shoved into her carrier and in the car, which is an adventure all on its own. I really wish cats could be more like dogs when it comes to transportation.

I also don't have access to my normal computer with all the files, and I was writing the second half of yesterday's story in Word first because part of it is a nonfiction assignment for school. I should probably look into getting a laptop with all the moving around I do. I realize it's not so practical hauling a big ass computer around with me everywhere. My husband has a laptop but I can't type on the damned thing. Right now I'm on my parents' computer and the stinking keyboard sticks.

All that was to say that I will finish the second half of the story by the end of this busy weekend, and please don't flip out on me for criticizing teachers because DUH, I AM one and this is the story of how and why I chose this career. It's a lot more interesting than "because I now have summers off." Although, I have to add that I still can't stand most teachers and may you all come and strangle me with your bare hands if I ever wear jumpers with Keds and turtlenecks with little cat heads printed all over them.


~*~Esmerelda~*~ said...

Possible solution to your computer issues with half written stuff being on the wrong computer...

I keep everything in process on a jump drive (memory stick, USB flash drive) so that way I can work on anything I am writing anywhere. I keep it in my purse, and just pop it onto my laptop, or my computer at home, or in a cafe, or a library, or any other computer I can get my grubby little mits on. HTH

Anonymous said...

So what time should I show up?

I can bring lawn darts and my grandma's 'Mock Enchilada Casserole' made with saltines, chef boyardee and bacon-cheddar cheezewiz.

Gotta go.
I'm in Oakland so I have to start walking now if I want to get to your place by kickoff.

beatgrl said...

Back to millepede manor! Looking forward to hearing how Thanksgiving weekend goes...

Anonymous said...

Re: the need for a laptop

I follow a Black Friday Ads website, and just got an email from them today about a deal on a Dell laptop for $399

Kinda random, I know, but hey - if it helps....

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