Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I fully intend to have a good time and to eat whatever I want, including a tub of guacamole. I'm going to the Miami Book Fair, because I am the biggest nerd alive and was thrilled that the Book Fair was happening on my birthday. It was almost like a present from God himself. I'm going to run around Miami all day taking pictures too, so hopefully that will be fruitful because I've enjoyed adding pictures to my site lately and I hope you guys have liked looking at them. The picture you see above is me on my third birthday, 31 years ago, and even back then you can tell that I was a very pensive person. I seem to really be deeply contemplating the implications of that Holly Hobbie cake my aunt who took the Wilton cake decorating class, made me. This was at Mommom Jewel's house, where I lived at the time. Don't you all just love her 1977 Rustoleum calendar and the way she uses a grocery bag instead of a trash can? She still does that. What I can't figure out about this picture is why my hair was so light because I honestly can not ever recall seeing any other pictures where I looked so blonde and if you saw my hair now you'd probably call it to black and then I would have to correct you and be all like "NO, it is NOT black. It is, in fact, chestnut."

So before I start guacamole annihilation 2007, I just want to say thanks for making my Birthday Charity Challenge a humungous success. We raised over $3,100 and fully funded ten entire projects. As a result I finally won something!!! The other day I got an email that I had won a SixApart award which entitles me to a box of a bunch of stuff that should come in the mail soon. I'm not sure what's in it. I also got a hundred dollar gift certificate to use to fund another project and one of my readers informed me that for donating she also got a gift certificate, so if you guys are getting these gift certificates from Donors Choose, make sure you immediately go and redeem them so you can fund more projects, because they expire December 1st. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was the best birthday gift I've ever received, besides the one I'll tell you about tomorrow.


Miriam said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the guacomole feast is everything you want it to be and more :)

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same cake on my 2nd b-day! I don't know if my mom or gandma did it tho.

Lana Wood said...


I am such a nerd, I knew it was Holly Hobby before I read a word. I was going to ask; "where's the monkey?" But, this was before the monkey's time, huh?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoy guacomole a lot too, so have fun with that!

EvylFashionista said...

Happy Birthday!!!

May you find all the books you want on sale and may all the calories in your guacomole disappear.

JDogg said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm proud to have been around to wish you a Happy Birthday for more than 20 of them!

MamaD4 said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm 33 and I totally had the same Holly Hobbie cake around 1978! My grandma's friend made mine. She had the blue bonnet and I remember being unable to resist the lure of sticking my finger into the frosting and then trying to "smooth" the frosting to cover my ass.

I would be really excited about the book fair, too. I have to be content with a very good used book store.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! may this be the most wonderful year you've had yet.

all the best, sunny

Sauntering Soul said...

Happy Birthday SNM!!!! I hope it's the most perfect day you can dream of.

I just posted a picture of me last week when I turned 8 and had a Holly Hobbie cake. My aunt made mine too.

Happy Birthday!

Bolstermummy said...

happy birthday from here too and hopefully you have a wonderful day :)

btw, love the picture.

Heidi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and wonderful writing with all of us!

BeerPup said...

I was just going to comment on your hair color and almost forgot to wish you a happy birthday.

HpBtDy. Hope you enjoy the guac.

But to me, the whole picture seems overexposed, like someone used one of those cube flashes in a room in full daylight, and there's that streak that's blonde, like maybe you had frosting in it or something.

But I think it's the picture, and you were not abnormally blonde that year.

Just sayin'.

Kate said...

Happy birthday!

And here is when I make you all feel old by asking who Holly Hobby is. so, here: who is Holly Hobby?


Anonymous said...

happy bday!

~ unabashedly ashedly

Leonesse said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That pic was taken on the day my daughter was born. We just celebrated her 30th birthday on a wonderful cruise!

NicoleinAZ said...

OMG, I knew what that birthday cake was before I read your post! My birthday is October 9 and I just turned 34 so we are the same age. I had several Holly Hobbie birthdays! I swear girl, I feel like we know eachother sometimes. I hope you had a FABULOUS day, you deserve it!

miss tango in her eyes said...

Happy Birthday, belated that is!
You share the same birthday as mi Pelado!

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