Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wide Lawns Birthday Charity Challenge

It's my birthday in two weeks and some of you may remember that every year on my birthday instead of asking for presents I give presents to others and ask that those I know do the same thing. Last year, through Heifer we provided livestock to women in third world countries so that they could support themselves. This year we're going to top that in a big way.

From The Colbert Report I learned about Donors Choose, an organization which allows teachers to submit proposals for the things they need and ask for donations. Once the money is raised Donors Choose purchases the materials and delivers them to the school. If you visit their web site you can read all the different proposals from teachers and pick which ones you want to help out.

This year we're celebrating my birthday early. I've created the Wide Lawns Birthday Charity Challenge, where I hope to raise $20,000 for teachers and I hope that every single one of you will give at least a dollar to help these teachers out.

This is really important to me, because as you may recall, my goal is to help as many people as possible and I am very opposed to giving money to people who don't work, people who make terrible choices and organizations that don't help people sustain themselves. I believe in generously giving to those who can't help themselves (like kids and animals) and to people who are willing to work hard. Teachers were the perfect choice for me this year. I know so many teachers who work unbelievably hard and have to spend their own money to buy supplies because they are in poor districts. I've even seen teachers buy poor children clothes and food. We have to help them out.

For my challenge I've selected several proposals and I will continue to add even more. The ones I've chosen so far reflect the things that interest me such as schoolyard gardens, autism, creative writing, inner city schools and then I chose some projects in Miami and LA as well to represent my home cities, being that I'm all bi-coastal now.

I am asking you all to give a little. Email my challenge to as many people as you can even if you can't afford a donation. Link to my challenge (not my blog because this is not about my traffic) on your own blogs. Send it to those three friends you have who are obsessive forwarders and who send a million emails a day out that say that people trying to sell you perfume at the mall are going to chloroform and rape you. This will at least give them something real and productive to forward and it will be a lot more helpful than bad poetry and pictures of puppies and American flags.

If we are able to raise 20,000 I will post a picture of myself on this blog for you all to see. With clothes on. Sorry. And I will just be really, really happy and for once not have a suck ass birthday.

Thank you all. And if you need my email to do this, as someone mentioned in the comments section, it is:

And you could just email for fun if you feel like it too.

Update: I owe a gigantic thank you to Violent Acres. V I just want you to know that I would totally make out with you, with tongue, and that I have a little overbite and wear reading glasses. I will not flip my shit, and in fact, I encourage you and everyone else to steal my birthday charity idea. I will also try to make my font bigger because I can barely see it myself.


Hobo Stripper said...

I shoulda known you were a scorpio, too. We're a week apart, give or take, astrologically.

Subservient No More said...

Yay Scorpios!! Nov. 10th here.

Talula0658 said...

Done and done. I think that is a great way to raise money, and I love that you ask for help for others instead of presents for yourself. I think you may have encouraged me to do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't have your e-mail I had to have them send the Thank you to my account, but I thought you should know that you did inspire me to help someone else! I copied and pasted what they mailed to me.
Early Happy B-Day!

I enjoy your work and I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate your life!

Below is the proposal funded in your honor:
A Special Garden for Special Students

This and all other proposals at have been submitted by public school teachers who seek resources that will help their students learn. As the honorary donor, you will receive feedback for this project.

To see more proposals for helping students in need, please click here. Thank you!

Subservient No More said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

MP said...

GET THE F OUTTTA HERE!!! I'll be 41 on November 10th. We share a birthday w/ Mackensie Phillips and Sinbad. Did you know that??

I've posted up at my blog...I don't have tons of readers..but hey!

Rachel said...

Ah, gardening in Chicago? I've donated! What a great idea!

K said...

You're wonderful! I get paid on Friday (MY birthday, actually!), and I'll send some on then.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you're not like me, who is Nov. 4th and share a birthday with:
L Bush
Will Rogers

amanda said...

You rock. I'm impressed by your giving spirit. Even VA can't find anything snarky to say about you.

If you can't inspire people to help reach this goal, I don't know who can. And not just to see a picture of you - that's just a bonus.

Stephanie said...

One of your charities is based in the town where I attended college AND it's a cause near and dear to my heart. ^_^ So I'm triple-happy to have donated. Happy birthday to you, Ms. S.N.M. and happy gardening to the kidlets in Bloomington!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful cause. I have donated and will encourage others to do the same.

Leonesse said...

I LOVE this. And the fact that I can help kids across the country learn about gardening and where REAL food comes from.

I have been wanting to talk with our district about the food, but it is too busy infighting to even bother at this point.

Anonymous said...

Dear SNM,
I just donated to the Bloomington, IN project. But it doesn't seem to appear on your challenge so FYI it was a 178$ toward your total. I lived in B-town for the best 8 years of my life. I figure I just spent over twice that on my cats today. Just learned one is FIV-positive, so maybe helping someone else is a good thing today. Your blog is something special. I have a similar family tree (but mine has morticians and my Momma is my sister's aunt). I'm learning to love the crazy south as I've just moved to New Orleans. Peace to you on your birthday.

Maksym said...

done. sent a little bit. awesome idea! happy birthday by the way!

Whiskeymarie said...

Done and done.
What a great idea, my dear. I'll be linking to this sometime today...

Courtney said...

I LOVE this idea (found you through whiskey marie, btw)... I put a link on my blog and donated what I would have spent on 2 and a half weeks worth of lattes. (yikes! lattes are expensive!)

I really hope you make it to $20,000! This is an awesome cause!

FranIAm said...

This is great! I found it via Whiskey Marie and am going to cross post.

FranIAm said...

You will find my crosspost here!

Anonymous said...

Leveled Readers for Little Hands

if you add that one to your challenge i will fund it

Anthony said...

V is offering a picture of herself as a prize as well. May I suggest a picture of the two of you making out would certainly get me to donate more money.

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