Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still Procrastinating But My Life May Well Be Complete Now

I've noticed lately a million people (ok not exactly a million, but at least 20) finding my site from searches for the elusive pumpkin schnapps, or pumpkin liqueur or stuff with alcohol in it to make pumpkin flavored foofy girl drinks. I am not the only pumpkin drink obsessed person in the world thank God and now I have found THIS!!!!! Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice. So for all you people googling pumpkin alcoholic beverages, you've found what you were looking for right here.

I definitely think this constitutes an emergency. Earlier I said I could only leave my desk and all this unfinished work if there were a definite emergency. This is clearly an emergency. I have to go to the Likka Sto. I have to. Right now. I have to stock up on this stuff since it isn't around much longer. I was thinking to ask for it for my birthday, but I don't know if I can wait that long.


Elise said...

My favorite part is where you say "I was thinking to ask for it for my birthday" and I just skimmed right over it, because that's exactly how my brain thinks of that sentence, too.

Guess there's no doubt we're both from the South. All that was missing is you saying you were fixing to leave :)

Anonymous said...

sweet jesus. I am a hardcore pumpkin addict. I had pumpkin beer. I make my own smoothies with pumpkin puree. Muffins, gelato, scones, frappucinos, everything is more delicious in pumpkin flavour.

Let me know how it goes, im actually skeptical but maybe thats just jealousy talking.
I think I may have to take a trip to america if you come back with good reviews.

ps-booze bday presents are the best kind.

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