Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Public Service Announcement Because I Love You

I discovered a wonderful thing that I had to share with you immediately.

I agonize over trying to find pants that fit right. For some reason I am never satisfied with pants. If they fit my ass the waist is wide and I look like a funnel. If I fit my waist the butt and crotch are tight and wrinkle up and I spend the whole time I'm wearing them picking at my butt and crotch which is really, really not attractive. Then my pants are always too short so I look like I'm waiting for a flood. If I buy Tall sizes the cuffs drag behind me. Now I am really average sized and shaped so I know that millions of other women endure the same pants buying agony as I do. I know because all my girlfriends have expressed to me their own suffering. I haven't even started complaining about low rise pants that even make slender women all muffin toppy and severely lower one's self esteem.

All I wanted was a pair of flat front, mid-rise, side zipped, no pocket, slightly stretchy, non-wrinkling, long enough damned pants. In other words I wanted the holy grail.

Readers, after a long search I have located the perfect pants and since my search was so arduous and I am sparing you the work.

Here is the best pair of pants in the entire world. They are 80$ but it's worth it. I am only mad that I didn't buy all the colors because now the brown and grey aren't available in small. I find the sizing to be accurate too by the way. I'm a little over 5'6" and 128 pounds and the small was perfect and oh my god, LONG ENOUGH. I can even wear low heels with them. Miraculously I can even wear flats and they don't drag on the ground. I think Jesus himself designed these pants. I hope they get the other colors in. Go buy them and rejoice.


MP said...

AND THEY HAVE PETITES.... I need pants for the know that season up north where warmer clothes feel good.
Thanks for the heads up!

jeff said...

My wife would want pockets... (I actually agree with her on this, I wear cargo pants as often as possible).

Mrs. Qball said...

I found you some online coupons,

I think you go thru, but you still get $ off.

I am the queen of finding offers for online shopping.

I may have to get these in plus size!


Mrs. Qball said...

Oh, and I think they have the same pants in the outlet section on sale for 24.99

Maybe they are close enough?


flutterby said...

I'm 5' 1" and have learned to love the tailor. for 10-15 bucks I get the waist nipped and bottoms hemmed, b/c petites are too long. I've converted a number of my friends to the tailors. Give yours a try. They can turn those pants you saw at a great sale into something you can actually wear, and everything looks like it was made just for me :)

Rachel said...

I think I need the bizarro version of these pants since my problem is that the legs are always too long and the waist too tight while being baggy in the butt. Or gee, maybe they could start making pants like men's pants, where you get to choose the waist size and the leg length instead of just assuming that everyone is built the same way? No, I think I might have more luck in the bizarro universe.

LJ said...

My pants almost always fit because I make them myself. And they have pockets. Gotta have pockets. However, I am a much larger size than you are, and for some reason manufacturers think that extra-large ladies are all very short. So, I make my own. Simple, black, elastic-waist, pockets, with a 31" inseam. I'm happy.

Leonesse said...

I have the same problems. Too short or too long.

My favorites are Levi's 501 buttonfly, shrink to fit. LOOOOOVE them.

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