Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I drove over to the beach to see if all this nonsense about an approaching tropical storm might be true and in fact I guess it is. The waves were huge, so I got wet and salty and took some pictures. Normally our ocean looks like a swimming pool, so a bunch of surfers were out too.

Here is a better perspective of how high the ocean is. It's overflowing the sea wall and spilling over onto the street, which is how I got wet. I also went to the grocery store to get candy and thankfully no one was in there panicking and buying bottled water, so I'm relieved that we South Floridians seem to have gotten over our hurricane hysteria which we all seem to have collectively acquired in 04 and 05. Right now it's just very windy out. And hot. It doesn't feel like Halloween should be tomorrow. All holidays here are like the fourth of July.


Blu Jewel said...

hey! it's been quite a while since i've visted AND left a comment. by the time i get through my entire blogroll, your already inundated with comments and probably don't have time to read one more. anyway, i trust all is well with you.

in spite of the hysteria, those are really nice pics. i find them rather soothing; especially the first one.

Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; really appreciate you doing that.

the_blueviolet said...

I've been reading through your archives, and I wanted to say how much I really enjoy your writing! Your stories crack me up, they are very well written/hilarious. I also like that you are contributing to a good cause for your birthday. My parents are teachers, and ever since the whole No Child Left Behind thing, they've had their yearly materials budgets restricted more and more.

Are you going to post up more from your old blog?

A Margarita said...

I like the pictures too. I miss Florida and the heat. I guess I appreciate it more now that I don't live there. The ocean right before a hurricane or tropical storm was always beautiful. I always felt like nature was about to impose its wrath on us mere mortals.

jessica said...

Hate to inform you, but the hurricane season does go until the end of November. We live in the Gulf Coast region of Texas (in a southwest suburb of Houston) and the weather guys constantly remind us of this.

Love your blog and style!

MP said...

I love those pics... I love a good storm, as long as no one is hurt I'm all for it. My issue w/ Floriday/California/Arizona etc is that it isn't the "right" weather for certain holidays..Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve.. Sunny and Hot just doesn't cut it. Last year I was in Aruba for Easter..it just wasn't right...

gulfsidebo said...

windy here too...not as bad on the West side. We have cooler weather though. It's in the lower 80s and upper 70s. We had an actual wind chill last night. 69! too funny!

btw, i had a dream last night that you were in a band with me and an ex-girlfriend. you wore all black. i have no clue how good we were.

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