Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Sacred African Sausage Tree's Vines

Here is another view inside the Sacred African Sausage Tree where you can see its tangles of flowering vines. The tree wasn't in bloom when I took the picture, but when it is, the vines are covered with deep red flowers that look like some kind of carnivorous, blood-thirsty orchid.

If you would like to know more about the best tree in the whole world you should go HERE.


First Nations said...

too cool! all that and it's BAT POLLINATED! of course it won't grow here. of COURSE.

are the potatoes edible or do they just bonk you on the head or something?

Subservient No More said...

I know, bat pollinated things are very cool. We have lots of bats down here.

The potatoes aren't edible. I think they give you violent diarrhea if you even think about eating them, so they just cause massive concussions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've encountered the sausage tree's relative the Giant Green Bean Tree (otherwise known as Catalpa or Indian Cigar Tree) somewhere up north. Also not edible. In theory they can be smoked for a hallucinogenic effect---I wouldn't recommend it as I think the effect is from a toxin produced by the plant.


Chiada said...

Wow, what an interesting tree! I've never seen anything like it. Kinda weirdish, too. I was going to ask if the sausage was edible, but then I read First Nations and your response. I can't think of any trees like that around here.

GoingWiddershins said...

You can make beer from it too!

Bravo said...

Oh gawd, it's FRUIT that's shaped like MEAT. This is, like, the best thing EVER.

Pumpkin said...

Hell lass, I'm moving to your town! What, with 'The Tomatoe Man', a cat that makes people tell the truth, a sushi bar where hookers and jewish priests mix AND a tree that has a fruit which looks like a baked potatoe (my favourite kind of meal slathered with butter and cheese).....nowhere else on this planet seems half as much fun to live in...or half as interesting!

To quote a famous Billy Connolly line...."The rest of the world is positively fucking BEIGE compared to your town"!!!!


Anonymous said...

i need a sausage tree to cross pollinate with mine - anyone know where there is one in south florida

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