Sunday, September 09, 2007

Now You Too Can Have Money Nails

Oh my Gawd peoples. Look what I found, yo! Now you bitches can make yo own money nails too!! You can get you a DVD, yo!!!

Here it is. Fo realz.

Jacinta gonna be really upset. Somebody stolded her idea and shit.


secretmom said...

Okay, sometimes I read your stuff and think there's no way it can be true, it's just great writing. but once again proof that fact is stranger than fiction. poor jacinta!

Chiada said...

I'm sorry, but I just can't believe people would actually have their nails done like this..on purpose! It just seems really tacky. Or, like you said earlier, Ghetto Awards inducing. What's next? Flag nails? Postage stamp nails? Team jersey nails?

Very good impressions of Jacinta. ;)

Chuckie said...

Yippee - I have a new career path.

I was so bored going to that damn office and now I feel like the whole world is out there waiting for me.

This is an international skill, yes? I was hoping maybe I could go around the world on the Queen Mary II doing nails to pay my way.

That would work, you think?

Thanks Chuck

Bravo said...

I'm thinking that anyone who doesn't like these nails are straight up Hatin'. I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

First Nations said...

speaking as someone who cultivated a freakyass coke nail and covered it in gennywine Svarovski crystals, yo, i gotta say that i would SO do this. yes i would.

but i garden and that's notoriously HELL on nails. TOO BAD!

6th Floor blog said...

Just wanted to say that I was at Shea Stadium for the Met game saturday and the woman in front of me on line to get cheesesteak had these nails. Not a fan of them at all, they just look stupid.

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