Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Hab A Bad Code

I have the most horrific head cold that has put me in a vile mood and prevented me from writing for the past three days. This is a shame because I had such an exciting and unusual Labor Day Weekend and I really wanted to tell you about it. Then I got this awful, awful head cold and all I want to do is toss around in bed complaining violently about everything and anything because I can't breathe and my nose is all red and I talk funny.

Since I've had the cold, everyone who knows me has offered all sorts of ridiculous remedies. You ever notice how that happens? My mother thinks I should pour peroxide into my ear canal because, according to something she read on the Internet, cold germs actually live inside your ears and the peroxide will kill them. I said, yeah and it will kill your hearing too. No thanks. My Eastern Medicine father has this little device I call the nose teapot. You stick the spout of the nose teapot into your nostrils, tilt your head and proceed to drown yourself. He believes this washes all the snot away and makes you instantly better. Other people recommend echinacea. I've read several studies that say it does nothing and I have taken it in the past and it has indeed, done nothing, but right now I'm drinking the echinacea tea just in case the studies were wrong, because at this point I'd drink gasoline if it would clear my sinuses. I'm not kidding you. I'm that desperate.

By tomorrow I'll start coughing. My mother likes to tell people I have chronic bronchitis. The doctor told me it was actually bronchial asthma that has periodic flare ups caused by irritants. I think this came from growing up without a single non-smoking family member. The reason I never touched a cigarette was because I spent my childhood trapped in the backseat of an olive green Chevrolet with parents and grandparents in the front seat who refused to put down the windows. I guess they didn't want to waste all that good smoke. If they could just sit and stew in it, recycle it, breathe it all in, then they could wait ten minutes before lighting up again instead of five. It was more economical that way.

Now my family calls me Hackie. That's my actual, real nickname, but please don't call me that. Horrible isn't it? It's because I've spent long portions of my life hacking and coughing. My mother says it's hereditary, except that the people she thinks I got this from were all smokers. She also blames it on the cold. She swears that if I ever move I'll have to live in an iron lung. I think she's trying to keep me around, but God knows why because all I do is ride her ass about smoking. If I could change one thing about my mother it would be that. I wish she didn't smoke.

My dad stopped smoking when he was 40. He quit cold turkey - no patch, no pills, no gum. He just quit. Then for about six months he got really mean and we all wished he'd go get an apartment somewhere. He developed an obsession with his tweezers, and kept accusing everyone in the house of taking his damned tweezers. I never did find out what he was so intent on plucking hairs out of. I don't want to know. After about two months of his tweezer tantrums and generally terrible mood we were just ready for him to start smoking again already. We begged him "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! PLEASE HAVE A CIGARETTE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT PLUCKING HAIRS!!" But he held out and a couple months later he calmed back down again and no longer obsesses over where the tweezers are and what parts of his body are sprouting errant hairs. He hasn't smoked in 15 years.

I'm still coughing though. I'm like some Consumptive Victorian. I'm flippin' Keats over here. If I lived a hundred years ago I totally would have been dead of tuberculosis by now. I know that's a morbid thought but I told you I AM IN A BAD MOOD.

My nose looks like a baboon's ass. My lips are so chapped I feel like Napoleon Dynamite. Today I really understand why Napolean wanted to get picked up from school because his lips hurt real bad. My lips hurt real bad too. I did not want to be at school today and it is honestly a miracle that I did not stick a pen in somebody's eyeball because there wasn't a soul on planet earth that did not get on my last nerve.

I'll tell you who gets on my nerves the most though...

In every single solitary college class I have taken in the past five years there is always without fail the Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up. I hate this woman. I can not escape her in her seemingly infinite incarnations. She always shows up to every class. She never, ever fucking stops talking.

At one point I thought it was just me. Then I asked some other students and they too confirmed that in their classes, in all departments, there is the requisite Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up. I began to think it was a conspiracy. Perhaps the school hires these women as sorts of narcs to make sure that teachers are never able to let their classes out early.

It's good that older people, women especially, want to go back to school. It's fine that they want to audit classes and even get real degrees. I applaud this. I really do, but please, all I'm asking is for these women to be quiet. For fifteen minutes even. Just a little while. Just please don't force me to listen to any more incessant, usually off topic rambling yacking.

The Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up monopolizes every class, every lecture and every group project. She acts as if the rest of the class does not exist. The spotlight shines on her alone and there she is - just her and the teacher. Those other 30 people in the room? They're no one. They have nothing interesting to say. They haven't lived as long as the Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up, so they obviously know nothing about the topics covered. TMAWWNSU loves to talk about her own personal experiences. If the professor brings up some period in history - she was there or knew someone who was or knew someone who knew someone who was. Then she'll go on and on about her own education way back when and then talk about her kids oblivious to the 60 or so rolling eyes around her.

She's also a notorious ass kissing grade grubber. I despise grade grubbers. They won't hesitate to derail a good discussion to ask if something's going to be on a test. Now in grad school we don't have tests, but there are other more subtle forms of grade grubbing and the Woman Who Will Not Shut Up is an expert at all of them.

The Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up is essentially an attention whore. She's a narcissist who likely has no voice or means of expression in her everyday life. With the captive audience of a class who can not leave until dismissed by the teacher, this woman seizes on the chance to force people to listen to her against their wills. It's like being intellectually ass raped. I say intellectual because this woman has read and heard of every obscure, french, feminist, post-structuralist, blind, poet, theorist, lesbian, transgendered activist that ever lived. The professor can say a name and this woman will inevitably pipe up with fifteen names of theorists and books that no one in the Harvard English department has even heard of. She will then prattle on about all of them until the entire class is slipping in puddles of its own drool.

The worst thing of all about the Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up is her total lack of compassion for people who just want to go home. Personally, I don't enjoy three hour classes. I want to go home after about 45 minutes. I'm into effective and efficient use of time. When the teacher asks if anyone has any questions he or she usually means "if y'all would shut up we could go home early." This is lost on the MAWWWNSU. She ALWAYS has twenty more questions, concerns and solliloquies which have nothing to do with the topic. She causes the class to get out late. I often have terrifying visions of picking up my three ring binder and beating her over the head with it repeatedly

One of my biggest motivators in seeking a PhD is because I want to be a professor. I want to teach this woman in one of my classes and I want to call her out. I want to get revenge on Middle Aged Women Who Won't Shut Up everywhere by not putting up with their crap. I am dying to just stand up at my podium with the ability to say "If you utter one more senseless word I am failing you. Have consideration for your fellow classmates woman and realize that we don't care about your boring life or your kids or your difficult pregnancies! We want to get our work done and go home!!"

Usually these women are pathetic. I imagine them all having health problems, being divorced or never married, caring for ailing, elderly and cruel mothers, in homes with lots of cats and piles and stacks of paper everywhere which have cat pee and hairballs on them. I understand that school is probably their only social interaction. I understand that they want their money's worth out of a class. I don't lack compassion. I lack patience. Especially when I have a head cold.


Jennifer said...

Oh, poor thing you! I reccomend local honey in ecchinacia tea, just so you know.

I have a middle aged woman who will not shut up in my classes, as well. We call her "prozac" behind her back. The worst class I ever had with her was victimology, where she felt the need to bring up her abusive, alcoholic husband who used to beat her ass and how she left him and raised her kids all by herself and blah blah blah in class EVERY class.

And she calls the professors by their first names. That annoys me for some reason!

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

My mom was similar to your aunt kiki and I always wanted a prada purse.

Anonymous said...

ok, it's possible that I work with middle aged woman who won't shut up, her husband left her for a younger woman and now she lives in a trailor which makes me sympathetic but sometimes i want to go home too.

also, i think you curse more than you used to. i like it

Tiffany said...

I'm not quite sure about all those other cures, but one thing I'll stake my soul on is good Chinese medicine. Visit a Chinese herbalist; they work wonders. Very natural, but foul tasting stuff. Hope you get better soon!

Green said...

So sorry to hear about your cold. I am a huge fan of those Kleenex that have lotion on them when I'm sick. Sure you feel like you're wiping snot ONTO your nose, but it keeps your nose from getting red and raw each time a tissue touches it.

BTW, I have no fancy cures, but I do believe in not re-infecting yourself. The very first day I feel well enough to get out of the house, I empty all the garbages with the mountains of tissues, Clorox Wipe things like remote, light switches, doorknobs, handle of fridge, and Lysol the whole place, then leave for a couple of hours.

At my college almost all students were uninterested in anything being taught, except in Biology. Then we had Hot Girl Who Had Every Disease. Maybe she's the daughter of your middle aged woman.

Feel better! (Sorry such a long comment.)

Pumpkin said...

I want to say something sympathetic, maybe throw in my own piece of 'head cold ridding' advice.......but I can't, I'm laughing too hard at your post and the MAWWWSU to come up with anything!

I do hope you feel better soon though.


Andrea said...

Oh. Em. Gee. You have just put a whole semester's worth of my feelings into this one post.

I have just come back from what should have been a glorious university English class - but it wasn't, because I had to sit through (who we call) the Mature-Age Student, waxing lyrically about every vaguely literary topic in the known universe. (I never really understood why this particular Middle Aged Woman, who apparently knows everything there is to know about English literature, felt the need to take a first-year 'Introduction to English Literature' subject.)

At least they make good stories, and great fodder for gossip over coffee after class. And your blog, too.

Opening Stanza said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was also in a blazingly bad mood yesterday after that class. You are not alone.

SavvySunshine said...

I so feel you on this one. Fall 06, Social Anthropology - the women would not shut up and what she said, made no sense - none whatsoever. I will say though, if you take a smaller class (8 or so), you might be able to avoid said woman. I managed to miss said woman last year, but then, I took a women's studies course and the teacher was the woman who would not shut up...

Connie said...

Try Burt's Bees lip salve for the chapped lips/ face. It really works and is worht the almost three dollars it costs here in SC...Try the herbalist for the cold. (Any nationality as long as they are knowledgable.) My favorite one here has this stuff that you make a tea out of..It tastes nasty but makes you feel better. There's always a hot toddy too..You might get drunk but sometimes that makes you feel better if you don't get too drunk. P.S. I hope all is well with your granddaddy.

Abbie said...

The nose teapot with mild saltwater actually does work for congestion. It's just of a question of whether you want to spend several minutes in agony from snorting water up your nose in exchange for a few hours of breathing easier. Choices, always choices.

LaLa said...

You have my sympathies for the cold - I hate them too, and in my experience nothing makes them go away but their own sweet will. Don't be tempted to try those Shower Soother things either - it's like basting your eyeballs in lye PLUS having a bad cold.

TMWWWNSU has sisters in my workplace. It's SO HARD not to tell her to put a sock in it.

gulfsidebo said...

Now, I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV, but I am a patient who has the same problem as you. My issues stem from being allergic to everything that grows out of the ground. Right now, the ragweed is so bad that even with daily medicinal measures (allegra) I am still hacking. I can't imagine how i'd be without it. normally, it does the trick, but ragweed is my arch-nemesis.

your dad isn't too far off on his teapot remedy. when i am really bad off, i use a saline solution and squirt everything out of my nose and basically drown everything. it's no fun, but it does work! you might actually want to try it. it depends on how bad you are and how desperately you want to feel better.

good luck! i feel for you because i'm right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Is the Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up the older version of the Twenty-something who asks the same question over and over and then still doesn't get it? I had one of those in every class when I was in college and she (and it was ALWAYS a she) would ask the same darn question 5 times in various ways that kept us there for an extra half hour that we could have left early!

JTN said...

As a professor, one of my favorite lines is "no talking in the cheap seats."
Almost like a mantra, I've found myself chanting "if you want to talk about it, that's what office hours are for..."

sadi said...

You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. No remedies here, just sympathy.

As a middle aged woman myself, I find those women annoying too. I have a life, and want to get home and we have one of those at every office meeting, grrrr.

Thanks for the laugh, get well soon.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I'll add my voice to those promoting the "nose teapot," and also add that steaming your face also helps, (you can buy little personal steamers at the pharmacy for like $20), plus, you end up with great skin!

Also, the Middle Aged Woman is alive and well in the upper midwest classroom....

Tess said...

God, I know that woman. She was in all my music classes in college. Not only would she interupt for the most inane reasons, but even the most simple of theories were beyond her. The professor had to explain everything at least 20x.

Mim said...

Coldeeze and Zycan. They're lifesavers. I get sick every three months and after finding these wonderful products my sickness only lasts 2 or 3 days instead of 2 or 3 weeks. I'm a petri dish...I know

Also, When class was obviously over and the MAWWNSU started her tirade, I would get up and walk out. Because when she started it was obvious I wouldn't be learning anything else during that class session.

Jenny said...

What about the middle aged guys who ask incessant questions to make sure he understands something? Repeating the question and the answers over and over again, on something that is relatively simple? I think they be the midwest version of the one who will not shut up... he doesn't shut up, and just asks tons of questions...

Nata said...

I second the Coldeeze (or, since I too grew up poor in the South, the generic brand works just as well). The Shower Soothers worked for me, but, I grew up with a gramma who rubbed vicks vaporub on me every time I sniffled, so I'm used to the burning eyeballs.

And, you can rest assured: The Middle Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up is alive and well here in Southern California--not only was she in all of my English & Journalism classes, my husband reports that he had her (and her male counterparts) in all of his Computer Science classes.

Chiada said...

I just read about the nasal teapot (I think it's called a "neti") in the recent issue of Natural Health. It said that people should put different herbs or spices into the water depending on their dosha or something like that. I don't really know about all that kind of stuff, but that's what it said. For instance, me, being a big boned, easy going, methodical person, I'm supposed to put cinnamon and cloves into my water to help me feel better. Maybe I'll try it next time I'm sick.

But one thing that does help my husband and I is to take probiotics regularly. They are pills full of the good bacteria that helps your gut have a healthy balanced flora of bacteria. The good bacteria helps kill all the bad stuff, including sicknesses, and keeps your health at optimum levels. So, if you're sick or new to probiotics, you should take like 5 a day until you get better. After that, just 1 a day for maintenance is good. It's not an instant cureall fixit magic pill thing. But I have been pretty healthy since the beginning of the year when I started taking them.

As to the MAWWWNSU, I hate them, too. Although, in my experience, they are usually of the slightly ditzy/moronic sort who have to ask questions about every assignment and every topic to make sure they understand. And then they usually still don't understand and they have to completely pick apart the subject for 15 minutes while the rest of us are all thinking, "Shut up! We get it! Just read the dang book already!" She always makes things more difficult than they really are. And she always has her hand in the air with this simpering little voice "um, I don't understaaaaand!" (I hate whiners).

I hope you feel better soon.

Sparkling Cipher said...

Sorry to hear about the cold. I have no miracle cures to offer, but I'm sympathetic. Currently, allergies have my nose stuffed up and red from blowing and my eyes watery with ugly scaley patches at the sides where my tears dried as I slept. It wouldn't be so bad if we could at least look pretty while feeling like crap, right?

My mom is also a heavy smoker. I blame her for my bouts with bronchitis. She stopped trying not to smoke around her children just after I was born, and amazingly my younger brother and I are the only two of her kids who've had lung problems. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

OMG that lady's all over the place b/c she was in my classes here in Texas, too!

Here's hoping you get well soon!!!

iambe said...

The peroxide thing is for wax build up in your ears. If you have excessive wax the peroxide bubbles and dissolves it. I have no idea why that would have anything to do with a cold. The nasal irrigation really does work. The saline helps kill the bacteria, so if you can stand it, doing it once or twice a day would end your cold quickly.

However, it does hurt like an SOB, so I've never managed to do it more than once per cold, and only then if the cold was really, REALLY bad.

I think I was that middle aged woman once. The teacher started talking about something that only he and I had been alive to witness and we ended up talking about it for a few minutes while the rest of the class looked at us like we were dinosaurs. The boring ones, not the T-Rex or anything. I did get an "A" though.

MP said...

Crazy ass people make the world go around. What would you blog about if they didn't exsist.
Charlie the cat was our topic of conversation in our house last night!
I'm a hacker too!! I'm sure it's allergies..smoke etc. I've been good lately...knock on wood.
Drink lots of water..hock a luggie if you have one, don't swallow it.
Stange but a little alcohol does work..
I agree w/ Connie. That Burts Bees is better than carmex for chapped lips!

Benita said...

I wish there was an emoticon for a standing ovation. That's what I would type for this story. Fabulous and spot on! I, too, am sorry you are sick. My remedy: get a pneumonia shot. It cleared up my acute bronchitis. I haven't been "hackie" for 4 years now. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh pick me!!!

i know that woman,too. She used to show up at the evening public lectures when i was in architecture school.

she always wore a jaunty hat with a pom pom,had a bazilion jangly bracelets around her wrist, and farted like dog that has just ate possum. she'd loudly shush us if we talked at all during the lecture.

then, after some fabulous famous architect would complete his or her lecture, there would be a request for questions. most of us were eager to go home or back to studio, so we always prayed for NO Questions. Invariably the jangly farting woman would raise her hand and ask some incredibly arcane question about what type of low e glass was used in the project on the fifteenth slide, and what was the r-value. Massive groan - and the visiting architect left convinced that we were all insane.

"Good to know" that she infects other disciplines too. I'd hate to think we were keeping all that intellectual rigor to ourselves.


Aarwenn said...

SNM, I can't believe I was just in Miami and never emailed you or found you on Gchat or anything. I am consumed by guilt. Yes, that was totally off-topic, sorry.

I'm so sorry you are sick! If it makes you feel better, my head is in a really weird space--I haven't been home in two weeks, have traveled for business, vacation, and then business again, and am really fucking tired. Blargh.

Tina said...

I don't know if you have a similar product there, but one thing that is great for congestion is Vicks Vapour Rub, it's like a eucalytus vaseline-y rub. You can rub it on your chest, or put it in a bowl with boiling water. Then, put your head over it, with a towel on your head, so you have like a little steam bath. Stings a bit but clears everything up. Good luck anyway!

Subservient No More said...

Tina yes we have this and I am using it. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, now I'm in grad school and most of my classes are with the same 5 people that came in with me. However, there is a Middle Aged Woman Who Won't Shut Up emerging in our statistics class. How she even manages to understand what he is saying long enough to ask inane questions is beyond me...

rosie-b said...

That woman is alive and well in Georgia. Thank God I finished my degree so I don't have to deal with her anymore.

Poor Hacker, I can relate. My mother is a heavy smoker too and I remember sitting in an olive green Ford trying to hold the shoulder part of the seat belt over my nose to filter the air.
You have a better nickname though, mine was Snotgurgle.

Anonymous said...

For a split second I worried that I might be a MAW, but then I remembered complaining with you about a never-ending class. I hate the MAW that ask stupid questions that they already know the answer to so they can then point out their boring little spin on the answer in an attempt to look smart. Worse than MAW, however, is Weird Older Woman who doesn't seem to "get" social conventions, is a close talker, cackles oddly at her own strange jokes, writes (often) about dead pets, and has obsessions with mildly distasteful subjects that she brings up in class despite being completely off topic. The reason I think WOW is worse than MAW is that WOW is well-intentioned but has no clue that she freaks people out a little so you can't really yell at her. You are nice to her because she really isn't a bad person and your mother taught you to be nice to people regardless, but then she sucks onto you and makes you wish you'd kept your big mouth shut.


Subservient No More said...

JG you are NOT middle aged first of all and second of all you do not talk incessantly. Your words are well chosen, entertaining, interesting and meaningful. When you talk you actually say something and it's almost always brilliant.

Subservient No More said...

Oh and Connie, I got the Burts Bees stuff!

Chiada - because of your comment and excessive time sitting on my ass because I'm sick and don't usually ever sit on my ass, I have now discovered that I am a Vata with a really bad Pitta imbalance. I have no idea what to do about this. I think it's a serious problem.

Stacie said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Wow, the Middle-Aged Woman Who Will Not Shut Up moves around a lot...a few months ago, she was in Pittsburgh, taking a class taught by my husband. She not only loved to regale the class with stories about her children and her adventures as a historical reenactor, she believed those experiences qualified her to help him teach biology labs and instruct the other students. I believe her boundless wisdom caused something to explode once.

Anonymous said...

My Master Gardener class is ALL those middle aged chatterboxes with a couple of them being men! The class is already 3 hours long and then I have to sit through them interrupting the instructor to ask about their personal lawns and landscaping! Questions that have nothing at all to do with the current topic. I just really needed to vent that to someone who understands.

LunaChickNYC said...

Amen - i thought I was the only one who noticed those old women who wouldn't shut up! In an economics class (that ran from 7-10 pm 4 nights a week in the summer)I had a teacher who finally said "Miss we are all fascinated by your stories which have nothing to do with economics, however the other 70 students would appreciate leaving before the exact stroke of 10 at least once this summer" She never opened her mouth again - although she did begin to roll her eyes obnoxiously and make it a point to not answer anything and look put out and upset when required to answer anything. Believe me it was worth it to be home by 10 instead of midnight because we would get out an hour earlier once she shut the hell up

redb said...

I have had that woman in class before. Once a year or so after graduation one of them wound up being my BOSS! And I don't mean in general, I mean a specific woman we all panicked about getting stuck with in a study group wound up telling me what to do even though she had no training or experience in my job.

Anonymous said...

the Weird Older Woman has asperger's syndrome. this is a high-functioning form of autism. it's a neurological difference/disability. please be kind to her. they try their best, and every single day is a struggle, because they know they don't "get it" or "fit in". all the best, sunny

auronsgirl said...

Get some Gypsy Cold Care tea. You can find it in the teas or the natural foods sections of most grocery stores. It doesn't taste the best, but it works wonders when you're sick.

Second, have yourself checked for adult onset asthma, sometimes called reactive airways disease. Like you, I am the only non-smoking member of my family, and lucky me, I got the lung disease first from all the damage their smoking did to my lungs and immune system. My dad and FIL both have late-stage COPD now, but I'd bet you that if my FIL wasn't on oxygen and fully aware that his next cigarette is his last, he'd still be lighting up today.

Third, I think those women clone themselves. They're like college level pod-people. I had one in an early tax accounting class that had the rest of us ammortizing the cost of the gun and silver bullet it would take to kill her off.

LJ said...

Poor thing! That cold is the WORST! I have it, too. It kept me out of work for THREE DAYS last week. I'm still sick, but I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I agree that the neti pot is wonderful, though, as a treatment. I use it all the time.

As for the asthma, get it treated. My mother smoked all of my life, heavily, and as a result, my sister and I can't breathe today. (Our brothers can't breather either, but they don't admit it. Men, y'know.)
Get yourself to a pulmonologist and get treated. I have, and it's WONDERFUL to breathe again, even with That Cold.

I spent 16 years in college (parttime), and many times I wanted to carry a gun and shoot the next person who said, 'Will this be on the test?' ARGH! I have dreams of someday being a teacher and cheerfully saying 'NOW it will' every time I hear that question, knowing that the asker will get jumped after class. (insert evil laughter here)

Alas, in some classes, I have to admit to BEING That Woman. Today, I cringe at how rude I was. I'm sorry, folks!

Anonymous said...

For your raw nose, buy "Nose Better" at your local pharmacy. (Yes, that's the real name.)

About the middle aged women, either be assertive and speak up yourself, or have the prof. speak to her.

Feel better,

Thiltetu said...

The peroxide in your ears thing? It does work, but not for what your mother is suggesting.

My immediate family and myself are all hearing impaired- the peroxide is used for ear infections. Pour some in your ear, let bubble until warm, and dump into a towel. I think it also prevents wax build-up.

Oh, and I've never had MAWWWNSU in any of my classes- it's always a Douchey Offensive Frat Boy.

Karada said...

I completely feel your pain with the breathing cold issues. I don't have a cure but I do have a sudo-remedy that really helps me when I can't breathe and it helps clear up my sinus's even for just a little while (works on people with bad asthma too)

Boils some water and put it in a cup, take a quater bit of a teaspoon of Vick vapor rub and melt it into the water. Add a little rosemary to cut the WHOA effect and toss your head over the cup with or without a towel (personally i don't like throwing a towel over my head for this when it's already pounding enough as is) and breathe. This stuff clears up my eyeballs too boot LoL

Hope it helps with any future colds

-A new reader via Violent Acres,

Anonymous said...

She's in my art history class! My favorite class, and she has to go and ruin it because the room is too cold, or the blinds are down too far, or we need to take a break so that she can get coffee. Also, she's has a French accent, so she sounds extra snooty when she is telling us all how much better she is than us. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has one of them!


Dyanne said...

E-mail me!!! That woman is in my class right now! lol

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