Friday, September 14, 2007

I Am Where I Am Now

I am here in bear country, but I haven't seen one yet, although at dinner last night there was much bear talk going on. I plan to see one today, but from the safety of the car hopefully. I don't really want an encounter with one face to face. This morning the headline on the local paper is "County Grapples With Bear Issues!!"

This morning I woke up and saw quails eating blueberries from a bush, and there are lots of real trees here - ones that have leaves and branches and not weird sausages or man eating flowers hanging from them. And it's cold!! I had to bust out the pea coat last night. It was in the 30s!!! It must be the altitude because it wasn't cold yesterday in the city we flew into or on the 4 hour drive up here.

On the way in I saw a coyote going across the road and I about lost my mind of course, because I have never seen a coyote and there one was, just going across the road. It had a black tip on the end of its tail.

Since the Internet here is as slow as 1994 and I'm using an air card, I'm going to go celebrate the New Year now. I had lots of apples and honey yesterday, so this year should be sweet. I wish the same for you all too.

Happy Rosh Hashanah!!


Chiada said...

Let me see... bears, high altitude, heat in the city you flew into, 4 hour trip from the airport city to the destination...

i'm going with Yosemite as your vacation destination, and you flew into San Jose? Or maybe Fresno.

Am I close?

I love Yosemite. I've only been 3 times, though. Twice in the winter with lots of snow. Just a couple of nights ago I was telling Hub-E about the time I went with a class of 8th graders (I was a sign language translator for a deaf student) and how we went into some Indian caves. I almost couldn't get out, it was such a tight squeeze. Those dang boobs and butt were getting in the way.

Anyways! Don't know if that's where you are or not, but I hope you're having fun. Happy travels!

just another paper product said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I hope you see lots more critters. :) (Aren't coyotes beautiful? I love them, especially when they "sing")

Architect Critic said...

Ah. I see. I had one of my best water-skiing days on the namesake lake in that county. It was early morning and the water was very cold but as smooth as ice. The air was warm, so as soon as I was out of the water the chill went away. It was so smooth that I stayed behind the boat until my muscles simply couldn't stand any more. I was so weak I couldn't even get back into the boat. But it was a great time, and I didn't even get my hair wet.

I used to live in one of the little towns about halfway between where you are and the airport before I moved to a college town 20-ish miles west-southwest of that airport.

It's beautiful up there. Enjoy the trees and the spectacular weather we are having. If you have the time and inclination, check out the fair this weekend. I'm sure it will remind you of Millpond.

MP said...

Happy New Year. I just heard about that apple/honey deal. I'm going to try that next year. (I think Christians would be allowed)

Sounds lovely up in the mountains! Here in the middle of American it's supposed to get to 40 tomorrow then back up to 90 next week.

Faithful Reader Guy said...

I'm guessing Yosemite or Denali national parks.

Hope you are having a grand time and see lots of wild life...animals I mean.

Leonesse said...

Have a wonderful vacation. I don't know what those are, but hear they are nice.

Also, since you have so many interesting trees and such in FL, do you also have odd animals we may not have heard of?

We have Nutria's, which many people haven't heard of. Large water rats. Ugh.

Almost American said...

Seems to be the week for posts about bears! Only a Crook had a comment about bears in her neck of the woods, and I posted about my local bears yesterday too. I hope you get to see one - from a decent distance of course! Getting to see a coyote is neat though. We have them here too. The first one I saw I thought was a fox - couldn't believe it was actually a coyote even though the neighbors had complained that they thought one had killed their cat.

gulfsidebo said...

i had a run-in with a coyote while jogging when i lived in colorado. we were having a one-one staring contest which seemed to last forever. luckily, back up arrived (another runner) and the challenger ran off.

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