Thursday, August 16, 2007

Accompanying Sketch

Since he is missing I had to draw a picture instead of just taking a photograph. From this experience I learned that bikes are hard to draw.


Mim said...

I think your bike looks wonderful!

Pumpkin said...

Love the sketch and thought the story was BRILLIANT!!!
I love the idea of the tomatoe man...people like that make a place more...well, just more I guess! In a small town in Europe where my husband , son and I lived for about a year, there was a singing man. He rode about town on this really clapped out old bike, knee high socks, shorts and a shirt, just singing! You could hear him before you saw him, and you'd never know what he would sing time it would be the love song from Moulin Rouge...the next it was White Christmas (in JULY). I thought he was great and was gutted when we moved and I didn't get to see him on our last day!
I hope your tomatoe man turns up happy and well soon!!!

LaLa said...

I'm beginning to think you live in Storybook Land, full of chocolate gas stations, Anonymous Gay Sex Beaches, and the hippie Tomato Man (god-fairy type). I hope he turns up soon.

Monkey said...

I hope you find your tomato man! I think people like that give a place character. When I was in college there was a Vietnamese guy who dressed up in a cow suit (udders and all) and would ride his bike around the neighborhoods surrounding campus. I think he delivered food for a local restaurant and helped international students with their English. Whenever I make it back to campus I always look for him!!

Tara said...

I hate when people fuck with the tomato men.

Our Alaskan Tomato Man was a guy who lived in an old refridgerator truck and blew glass pipes. Now he's in jail. :(

Maya said...

I LOVED the Tomato Man story - we had a really sweet guy who stood outside and sang and played guitar for years. You'd be walking around downtown and if he liked the look of you, he'd work a line right into his song. He dissapeared for a while, reappeared much thinner, and (sadly) passed of cancer not to much later. Santa Barbara put up a little makeshift shrine to our songster, Mason.

Hope he turns up soon~

Kore said...

My town has a Mango Man, but he's a messed-up Viet Nam Vet who talks to trees. He doesn't sell Mangos.

Heather said...

uncle grady?

we don't have peddlers in town, just jesus. seriously, this dude looks like jesus, complete with sandles, robe, beard, and long hair. well, he looks like the anglo paintings of jesus anyway. he's very sweet, goes around blessing people.

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