Saturday, July 14, 2007

My New Theme Song

Everyone needs a theme song. Honestly I have like 50 depending on my mood, but I have officially chosen one as my ultimate theme song of ever and now I'm unveiling it to the world. I must confess to you, that this is what I sing in my head when I sit down to write. It gets me going in a way that nothing else can.

This is the song people, that when I am a famous Oscar winning screenwriter, they will play when I come out on stage when I make appearances on David Letterman, Jay Leno, The Daily Show and as a presenter at the MTV awards.

This is my song, dear readers, the song which inspires me to kick ass, and the video is a classic. The video could win an award for best video of all time in my opinion. I mean this one has it all - Germans, leopards, panthers, spandex, hair, a cage, fireworks, vampires and last, but not least, a tanning bed. Do yourself a favor, turn up the volume and see if this video doesn't make you feel like you can just conquer the whole world.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i wasnt expecting that at all. i love you

unabashedly ashedly

catherine said...

Holy, that brings back memories, lol.
I was a huge scorpions fan in the 80s. I still love their songs, but I kinda cringe when I watch that video, lol. My god the hair, the clothes!! What were we THINKING! LOL
I believe "Hurricaine" had to be learned phonetically by the band because at the time, none of them could speak or understand any english.

Faithful Reader Guy said...

great song - I really like the leopard theme in the video.

listening when you begin to write -is it your catalyst or muse?

Subservient No More said...

Ha! I'm glad you all liked it. I have a twisted sense of humor don't I?

I am a fanatic for cheezy 80s music and last night I was reminiscing with Husband which inspired me to go find this video and I about died laughing at how utterly awful it truly is. But like, great awful at the same time. It reminds me of roller skating.

Anonymous said...

i love cheezy 80s music too.

you have flawless, impeccable taste. don't change a thing!

i'd forgotten about the airbrushed paint over the face in lieu of actual makeup.

big virtual weekend hugs, sunny

SJ said...

Excellent song! Believe it or not I saw them in concert. They were playing with Alice Cooper. I was front row. It totally rocked. I'm a big fan of the 80's all round.

Funny you mentioned roller skating I had to go to my neice's birthday party today and went went roller skating. They didn't play Rock You Like a Hurricand...but they should've!!

Anonymous said...

Scorpions ROCK!!!!!

Tere said...

Oh my hell you crack me up!

Mile High Pixie said...

OMFG!! There *are* tanning beds in this video! Holy shitski! Pardon me while I jump around and headbang to this (before I had an Ann Taylor fetish, I was all ripped Def Leppard jeans and denim jackets with metal band patches on them....).

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