Monday, July 23, 2007

I Find a Most Extraordinary Pink Castle

The other night on the way to the Dairy Queen I made a different turn than usual and came upon a most extraordinary pink castle sitting all by itself at the end of the street where I needed to make a U-turn. It was quite unexpected and I said "Dear God, there is an enormous, pink and turquoise castle guarded by lions and flamingos. Only in Florida."
Because really, could you imagine this house anywhere else besides Florida? People would have a fit. In Millpond, for instance, people would probably drive from three states just to look at it and then they'd burn a cross on the lawn for good measure, because no one can live in a big pink and turquoise castle guarded by lions and not be up to no good.
Of course I don't feel this way. I was very excited to find this extravagant pink house with its flamingo lined courtyard and tower. I imagined a princess imprisoned inside with only that one little window to look out. Maybe at night the lions come alive and bring her Dairy Queen, except, this IS South Florida afterall, and our princesses would consider DQ too fattening. She would probably make the lions go back and forth to the Dairy Queen fifteen times, asking for calorie and carb counts, and then she'd return her order repeatedly because it wasn't frozen enough and then it would come back too frozen, until the lions would just get fed up and eat her.
I have no idea who lives in the house or what they are like, but I like dreaming up stories about them and as much as I complain about South Florida, I really kinda like that here, you can get away with not only having a castle, but painting it pink and turquoise. So thank you people who live in this castle for being bold and playful enough to make your house into something that would seem outrageous and appallingly out of control in most parts of the world, but seems to fit right in down here.


Zizikos said...


Anonymous said...

There is a giant house down the street from us that is painted purple, gold and turquiose....but the kicker is that there is a wrought iron gate with a HUGE golden "Prince" symbol on it. The house itself is beautiful, a 2-story spanish style built in the early 20s. I always wonder how the neighbors feel about it. It's SO outrageously tacky, but I love it!

Green said...

Hey screw you! My parents spent MONTHS looking for just the right house, and I don't appreciate you making fun this way!


Katherine and Annie Horse said...

My awful ex made me read your blog a few times - he probably wanted in your pants, as long as you were a 19 year old girl or even on the internet. Just sayin'.

And that's the kind of house that have fluffy, white cats and dogs that eat out of crystal bowls and wear diapers when spotting instead getting fixed so they could breed on with their champion bloodlines. I betcha.


Anonymous said...

I know you could write a short fiction story about this ... maybe a very old lady lives there ... she wants to find someone to organize her
collections (letters, journals, stuff
from her travels etc). Who was she...what did she experience ...what
does the curious artistic "wanna be writer" find between the lines of those old letters ...the bits and pieces of stories that eventually come out. Well that's it.. I just had to thrown in a little teaser. But would love it if you wrote us a
"what if" story about the Pink Castle.


6th Floor blog said...

Haha. I kind of like it too. And of course, what else guards a castle besides pink flamingos? I wonder if they have a pink Car too.

Subservient No More said...

K! You read my blog under duress! I hope you liked it. I'm so confused though. Someone made you read my blog? Really?

I'm not 19 though. And I'm married. I also never post pictures of myself, so I doubt he wanted in my pants. So, not to worry.

jessica said...

If I didn't know that you were writing from Florida, I would have thought this was a run-of-the-mill place from the Houston area. Ostentatious R Us - not untypical when Big Bucks meet Bad Taste.

booda baby said...

From my point of view, any place where a house like that would seem outrageous and appallingly out of control has its OWN suburban problem with tidy conformity. The best places in the world are full of follies and architectural expressiveness. (That's probably not even a word, is it?)

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you notice that the lions have "fig leaves"? Ha! Pink castle's owner is shy about male parts, if not the color wheel.

A Margarita said...

Oh my goodness, is that in Coral Gables?

EmmaK said...

I would think it is probably inhabited by some ancient Barbara Cartland style romantic novelist with crimson smeary lipstick and false eyelashes, who has had so many facelifts that she ended up with a beard!

imp said...

I can imagine that the woman living there is now and forever saying..." I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille. "

Kore said...

Looks like something a crazy billionaire (that Vidal Sassoon guy comes to mind) built on the shores of Hawaii and then forgot it existed.

gulfsidebo said...

That's my house!

Miss Souris said...

There is a place very much like this one in Nice, France.
It's called the "Chateau de l'anglais".
You can see it here, but the photo is too small:

Brandy said...

Beverly Hills. Seriously, I thought you had come to LA for that pic.

And yes, I would LOVE to live in a house like that.

When I was in college, I wanted to get one of those $50 retired mail trucks and paint it pepto pink and mint green (This WAS in 1984, give me a break!) I'd like a bit more green than pink, though.

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