Monday, May 07, 2007

Alright Already

Y'all are making me cry. I had no idea I had inspired and entertained this many people so much. Wow. That's a lot of power I didn't know I had.

Let me think about this. Don't take me off your blogrolls just yet. I may revamp sooner. Although I am sick to death of writing about rich white people, I may write about myself. I need a little time.

I need to go pick up some food for Husband and have lunch with my mom, so I'm going to talk it over with her. You guys know how great she is. Let's see what Mama has to say. Damn, I wish I could get HER to start a blog. Can you imagine? She's too busy and too ADD so don't get all excited.

PS. I think Husband is getting better! He has once again regained his deep reverence for my boobs! Plus he wants to eat everything in sight.


amy said...

I am so relieved you are reconsidering! Fine, don't write about rich white people anymore, but please keep writing. Please!

Bob Dobbs said...

For guys, boob interest is a great sign of recovery. If he's got enough energy for lust, then everything else is ticking along just fine. I speak from experience :-).

I'd love to see you keep blogging, but I'd really more want you to do what's best for you. If blogging feels like it's holding you back, it's time to go...

Or change subjects. You are a good writer with a great point of view on life, and I'll bet we'd enjoy reading about whatever you chose to write about, whether it be rich white people, your daily life, or the price of tomatos. I enjoyed reading about your Passover trip to NY just as much as Bentley envy in Wide Lawns.

Whatever you plan to do, it's great. What you have given us is a gift, and I for one will just always be grateful for what I got.

Anonymous said...

Everyday I look forward to your wit. You are a fantastic writer. You paint a vivid picture of the absurdity that surrounds you. Let us know when and where we can keep reading. Your DH is in my prayers
Amanda B.

Anonymous said...

you cant leave us. give us crumbs! anything! yes i'm selfish but i also love you. please come back!

unabashedly ashedly

Anonymous said...

Another long time reader,first time commenter. Just wanted to add my vote that you are an awesome writer, and I would love to see more of you, especially in print. Good luck with your new plans to take charge of your life. And I can tell you that I would be equally interested in a blog about a young exciting new author finding her place in the publishing world as I ever was in a snotty HOA. So no more need to blog about rich white trash (save it for the novel).

Anonymous said...

OMG you cannot quit. I come here daily to check on you. Will miss you greatly if you go.

Anonymous said...

Me again. Good luck with the book, I can't wait to read it and since I just read your comments from yesterday please add my email to your "spreadsheet".
Thank you so much for the blog. I enjoyed it immensely.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! I will miss you - this was the best blog I ever read, and has totally helped me survive grad school - there were many days when I motivated myself to come to school with the promise of reading Wide Lawns. But now I'm graduating and starting a real job soon, so your timing is turning out to be perfect for me. I hope your husband makes a quick recovery! I hope I can buy your book soon!

faithfeedsme said...

I am glad your husband is feeling better. Hopefully you will find peace in what ever you decide.

I will wait for you forever.


Can I get a signed copy of your first book? I emailed you a way to get it published.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read about you- I've always enjoyed those stories more than the rich white folks, and your site is in my list of things to check when I get to work.

I'll be here to devour anything you want to share, and I certainly hope that you continue to offer us a little glimpse into your world.

saintseester said...

Maybe if you revamp your blog, your mom could be a guest author. Then she would only have to write when she feels like it.

You are a great writer, and I hope all your dreams come true. We can say, "we knew you when..."

Anonymous said...

"deep reverence for my boobs" . . . tee hee! Love it! Best wishes with the novel, and enjoy the freedom!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Indiana and a co-worker of mine and I read your blog daily. I popped into yours this morning and my breath was taken away- WHAT no more WideLawns??!! Where will I get my twisted perspective of Basura? Who will make me laugh like you do? Who will bring images of crazies and anorexics like you do?

Please don't stop writing- I can't wait for as long as it will take to publish your book! (I will buy it though)-- please write and tell us more about you, your family- your trials and tribulations! I can't wait to read more from you!!

An avid reader from Fishers, IN
Karen (and Lanell)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your lunch and I hope you return. BTW it is your blog so take all the time you need and write about whatever pleases you.

Noone@home said...

Awesome, not that we made you cry, but that fact you actually are considering not killing of the blog.

Make it about you, make it about anything you want to write about, how about "self indulgent" everyday.

Just don't leave us without the sarcasm and wit we so desire.

Don't make me go get Girl with Moxie and come down there to Basura and knock some sense in your head.

What ever you decide, I wish you the best.

The Dippy Chick Company Blog said...

Yay! I was going to write you a big, long-ass email today and haven't had a chance yet, but I will. I can totally relate to a lot you are going through.
Take your time! I had a blog and quit it because some jerk commented and hurt my feelings. Now I'm sorry I made such a quick decision. Definitely talk with mom and mull it over.
PS - Yeah, men like boobs.

NicoleinAZ said...

Not your "boobs", a deep reverence for "your girls".

I'm glad husband is better, and here is hoping that he acheives a speedy recovery!

JstANobody said...

YEAH!!!!!!! Go right ahead and write about yourself, those stories are great too......loved the Easter/Passover, and Batmitzpha(sp) in New York stuff. I will never look at Gilfit (sp) the same again! (can you tell I'm not Jewwish) I work in the private subservient sector, managing a horse farm for a way to rich and weird couple, so I know exactly how true many of your stories are....the rich are very strange people. Boss just had full facial lift, nip and tuck, plus her knees (didn't know you could lift knees), but dang.....we really can't afford to buy food for the horses this month, can they wait til next month? Whaaaaattttt???? know it is true! Please hang out with us for a little longer....I really need the laughs!!! Maybe some day I'll share the story of how I discovered how well endowed the male half of my boss couple is.

Calitri said...

Maybe take a couple weeks off to recharge the batteries. Then see how you feel. Everyone deserves a vacation at least.

If you don't want to write about rich people, simply stop. I think most would agree that it's your writing style and way of telling a story that brings in the crowds. I'm sure you could write about the mundane and we'd still read it. Rich people can be hilarious in their stupidity but so can a host of other things. Blogs are all about personal expression, so write about what you want, if and when you want. With that said, it would be cool if you stuck around.

"Not a sermon, just a thought" - L.S. (the greatest man to ever walk this earth)

Melisa said...

Like I said above, I'm very glad that you have changed your mind.
Please don't go away!!!
I think you are amazing and I love your writing.
(Oh, and every single time I go and visit my step-cousin or a friend in SilverSprings {Miramar/Broward}, I think of Widelawns and the poor gaurds and the dramas that have happened. When I picture Wide lawns, in my head I see Silver springs, even more, I see it as the "Cheaters and beaters" sub-area).

Also, have you thought about publishing the book yourself, like a grassroots kind of thing? I would SO read the Wide lawns book. Please let us know.

Snowpea up in Montreal said...

Well, I am sorry to see your blog go...

However, I'm glad you quit because working in a place anything close to the fictional Basura has got to be bad for one's health and soul!

At the same time, few people ever wrote as entertaining a blog as yours. Thank you for the laughs and the looks of disbelief.

Zu said...

Like so many others, I'd love to be on your email update list. I want to buy your book the day it comes out. Also, I'd hate to miss any kind of new blogging, or other stuff, you might decide to do in the future - your family stories are definitely the best!

Ms. Calabaza said...

Hey kiddo,

take a rest . . . you deserve it. Once you feel better, come back and then let us know if you are DONE. Don't make hasty decisions when you are feeling this way. As a therapist, trust me. You can write about anything you care to. I'm glad your hubby is well and will pray for your grandfather. You have friends out here. Take care of yourself first!

Green said...

I'm so pleased we've made you cry - it's not a full day's work until some tears have been shed.

While it's the content of your blog that draws us in, at least for me, it's your character that has had me coming back. You could write about anything and I'd be equally entertained.

You don't have to write about Wide Lawns. Go Seinfeld, and have a blog about nothing. That'll sure be something!

Anonymous said...

lol Gawd it felt like you were breaking up with us. Like "I'm sorry I just can't do this anymore."

I'm sure everyone would love to hear about your life outside of Widelawns. :) I TRULY TRULY would miss your writing. Out of habit, I typed out your blog site but then rememberd that u weren't writing anymore on here. And it sucked. But then I read the little note u had on here about ur husband getting better and lunch with ur mom. Seems like you just need a break from your job. Maybe it's not us. :P Plus there are several writers who blogged before they got their book deal. Why would it be so bad to already have a following? Is having a fan base a terrible thing? If we knew when ur book was coming out, I'm sure people on here would buy a copy for themselves as well as for another friend or two as gifts.
We just really like your writing. I promise I'll tell more friends about you. i'll make my sister and her friends read this too so that u'll get a high school following as well if you stay on and blog. puh-leaseeeee pretty puh-leaseeeee.
Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

she who said...

SO glad I didn't take you off my bloglines...

Don't stop writing. Please.

Kelly said...

Write about whatever you like, Not!Subserviant Worker, we'll still come to read your blog. Well, I will. Good storytelling skills are rare, but you are one of the blessed.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your writing IMMENSELY...after finding your blog months ago, its the first place I go each morning for a good read and a good laugh.
I understand how you may feel and although I selfishly want you to continue this blog, if its holding you back or doesn't feel right then by all means you need to do what makes you HAPPY. :)
You are an excellent writer and from what I can tell about you, a genuine, authentic person with a good heart!!! Whatever you decide, you will succeed! I have no doubt in that.
Glad hubby is doing better!!!

Wylee said...

Ever arrive at a party late only to find out it's all over? That's how I feel, I just got here and found out how wonderful you are and then you're gone. Poor me. (Am I pathetic enough to make you stay or do I have to get out the sad puppy dog eyes?)

nandy said...

There's no reason a blog can't be done in tandem...and an alternative may be that while your mother wouldn't want the commitment to a regular blog, she might be interested in a semi-regular "guest appearance".

Oh, at the very least, restore the archives!

Anya said...

I live in a different part of Florida than Basura, but i have greatly enjoyed your blog and want to see any updates -- if you could add me to your list that in itself would be great
Cheers, Anya

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